towing mirror straps

towing mirror straps

The Strap of the Towing Mirror: An Essential Guide to Safely and Securely Fastening Towing Mirrors

When transporting or towing heavy or oversized items, a towing mirror can provide much-needed rear-view visibility. But securing the mirrors in place is an often-overlooked detail. Neglecting this vital step can lead to dangerous road accidents. To prevent an unforeseen catastrophe and ensure safety, there are a number of steps and precautionary measures one can take to properly install and secure these specialized towing mirrors.

Towing mirrors are designed to be easily and securely fastened to the side of a vehicle using a pre-fitted strap system that holds the mirrors firmly in place. The straps provided with the towing mirrors are adjustable and strong for maximum durability. They also feature a quick-release system to enable rapid disconnect and removal of the towing mirrors when needed.

The first step in fastening a towing mirror to a vehicle is to make sure the strap is properly secured to the exterior of the vehicle. The strap should be routed through the accessory holes in the vehicle’s frame, just underneath the edge of the door and above the door-lock lever. Be sure to make the strap tight enough to keep the mirror securely in place, but not quick enough to cause damage to the vehicle. Some straps come pre-set with tensioning hardware, so it’s important to check the specifications of the strap before installation to determine the correct amount of tension necessary for the mirror to remain secure.

Once the strap is in place, it’s time to attach the (left-hand or right-hand) mirror. Depending on the manufacturer, towing mirrors come in distinct designs to fit either a left or right side mirror mounting area. Make sure the correct model is being installed. Secure the towing mirror to the pre-set strap by using the fasteners – usually pre-fitted to the tail of the towing mirror – provided in the installation package. Place the fasteners into the slotted holes and tighten them securely.

To check that the towing mirror is fastened securely, place your hand on either side of the mirror’s frame and give it a gentle wiggle. If there is little or no movement, the straps have been secured properly.

When towing a heavy or oversized item, it is important that the towing mirror remains properly in place during the complete journey. If a towing mirror moves out of sync with the vehicle, its positioning cannot be relied upon. The strap must remain tight and require regular attention throughout the journey to ensure safety. Moving the vehicle or trailer can cause the strap to loosen or even become detached altogether. Frequently check the strap to avoid any mishaps.

Additionally, inspect the mirror for warping or sun exposure. If the mirror is warped, it will be difficult to see clearly out of it and should be adjusted accordingly. If the exposure to the sun for extended periods of time has caused the mirror to fade in color or become ittle, it’s very likely that its materials are no longer fit for use and it should be removed as soon as possible.

Installing and fastening towing mirrors with a strap is an essential process to guarantee safe and successful towing experience. Keeping this information in mind while travelling with oversized itemswill ensure a smooth and secure journey.

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