towing mirror rubber straps

towing mirror rubber straps

Rubber Strap Towing Mirrors

Whether you’re towing a trailer or moving extra-large pieces of furniture, the use of a towing mirror is essential. Traditional towing mirrors are bulky, heavy, and often clunky. For people who regularly tow items that require additional visibility – but don’t want to deal with the headache of bulky mirrors – rubber strap mirrors are the answer.

Rubber strap towing mirrors are the perfect way to ensure optimal visibility without the hassle of larger, bulkier mirrors. Created specifically for towing applications, these mirrors attach to your existing side view mirror with a heavy duty rubber strap and offer you the extra visibility necessary for towing. The elasticity of the rubber straps allow them to stretch around the base of your side view mirror, utilizing the existing mirror as a base – and it’s sturdy enough to hold the additional towing mirror in place.

The lightweight yet durable construction of the rubber strap towing mirrors make them a preferred choice by those who need extended visibility when towing. Models come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find one to fit your specific needs - regardless of the size of your vehicle. Moreover, the majority of these straps are adjustable, so you can customize your mirrors to fit the exact needs of your vehicle and its towing needs.

Rubber strap towing mirrors are also incredibly easy to install, even for the novice DIYer. Once you’ve determined the size and shape needed for your vehicle, all that’s necessary is to wrap the strap around both mirrors and cinch it tight with the provided closure.

Unlike traditional towing mirrors, rubber strap towing mirrors don’t require any tools, glues, or screws. All you need to use these mirrors is time and an understanding as to what size and shape you need and you’ll be able to confidently drive with your extra-large and bulky items with peace-of-mind.

Rubber strap towing mirrors are the perfect, low-cost solution for anyone that tows items regularly. While you won’t have the electric and heated features associated with traditional rear view mirrors, you’ll be given the extra visibility needed while driving. The rubber straps will hold your mirrors in place as you drive – no matter how big or bulky your items may be – making them the perfect option for anyone seeking robust towing mirrors.

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