60 ton tow strap

60 ton tow strap

Roadside emergencies can be some of the most difficult and dangerous experiences any driver faces. In that moment, many people look to their tow strap for comfort and the assurance they'll make it home safe. To ensure that your tow strap fulfills its purpose, it's important you know three crucial considerations when selecting a tow strap: Breaking Strength, Capacity, and Safety.

Breaking Strength

Breaking strength of a tow strap is the amount of force the strap can handle before eaking. Tow straps should not be underestimated – eaking strengths of as little as 9,000 pounds, up to 126,000 pounds or more, are available. Most towing straps are tested and stamped with the minimum eaking strength, giving you a clear indication of the recommended max weight for any given towing job.


The capacity of a tow strap means the amount of weight the strap can safely hold under normal circumstances. The capacity is typically higher than the eaking strength, but not always. While the eaking strength tells you how much the strap can handle before it fails, the capacity is the amount of weight it can safely hold when used within the scope of its use. Capacity is typically higher than the eaking strength because it assumes that the strap will be given a few eaks in between uses.


When choosing a tow strap, safety should become a priority. Tow straps should be made of strong, aasion-resistant material that resists pulling and eaking. Look for straps constructed from durable nylon, polyester, or vinyl materials. Choose a tow strap with loops that are securely fastened and sewn shut with a double-stitching pattern. Double-stitch loops help to prevent slippage and increase the strap’s longevity.

For an ultimate peace of mind, consider opting for a high-quality 60-ton tow strap. This type of strap offers the highest eaking strength limit, exceeding the capacities of some of the strongest vehicles. The added layer of security offered with a tow strap of this quality is priceless, and will help ensure you proceed with your towing job safely and securely. Remember, tow straps weren't designed to be permanent fixtures, so be sure to inspect your tow strap often for signs of wear and tear, and replace it if you spot any.

In conclusion, it's important to keep the three key considerations we discussed in mind when selecting a tow strap. Be aware of the eaking strength, capacity, and safety of your towing strap and select one that's well-suited for your towing needs.

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