towing a car with ratchet straps

towing a car with ratchet straps

Towing a Car with Ratchet Straps Towing a car with ratchet straps requires preparation and safe driving practice. Before you start, you need to make sure the car is securely attached, the frame of the car is well-equipped to handle the load of towing, and that you have the appropriate insurance coverage in place. This guide will provide instructions on how to properly tow a vehicle with ratchet straps.

Essential Supplies for Towing a Car With Ratchet Straps

To tow a car with ratchet straps, you will need:

• Ratchet straps • A trailer hitch or tow bar • Recovery straps • Tow straps • Safety chains • Electrical cable • Wheel chocks • Battery powered screwdriver or drill • Snatch block

The ratchet straps are the most important and will be used to attach your vehicle to the tow vehicle. The hitch or tow bar will attach your vehicle to the towing vehicle. Recovery straps are a necessity to prevent the vehicle from being dragged if it becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle. Tow straps are used to attach the vehicle to the vehicle being towed. Safety chains are to connect the tow vehicle and the towed vehicle in case the tow bar fails. Electrical cable is used to connect the electrical systems of the two vehicles, if required. Wheel chocks are important to keep the car from rolling since it will not have an active connection to the towing vehicle. A battery powered screwdriver or drill is needed for assembly and disassembly of the ratchet straps and other hardware. A snatch block, which is a pulley system, is also important for towing multiple vehicles or heavier trailers.

Safety Tips for Towing a Car With Ratchet Straps

When towing a car with ratchet straps, there are certain safety practices you must adhere to. These include:

• Inspect the ratchet straps for wear, fraying, and other damages before and after each use. Using straps that are compromised can cause them to snap during the towing process. • Never exceed the weight limits of the ratchet straps when towing your vehicle. The weight limits are typically stated in the product’s instructions. • Make sure to attach all straps, chains, cables, tow bars, and more to the frame of the car being towed to ensure a secure connection. • Always double check that the ratchet straps, chains, and other securement devices are firmly attached before you tow the vehicle. • The towing vehicle should be equipped with the appropriate lights and reflectors (if applicable) to improve visibility and ensure other drivers are aware of your presence on the road. • Securely store all of the towing supplies and equipment in your vehicle. This will ensure it is easy to access necessary towing supplies while on the road and prevent any valuable equipment from being stolen.

Step by Step Guide to Towing a Car With Ratchet Straps

Now that you have the necessary supplies and know the safety tips, it is time to start towing your vehicle. The following steps will guide you through the process of towing a car with ratchet straps:

1. Connect the vehicle to the towing vehicle using either a trailer hitch or tow bar. Make sure the connection is tight and secure before driving. 2. Attach the ratchet straps to the frame of the vehicle being towed and to the frame of the towing vehicle. Make sure the ratchet straps are tightly secured and double check that the connection is stable and secure before driving. 3. Connect the safety chains to the frame of the vehicle being towed and to the frame of the towing vehicle in a crisscross fashion. Make sure the chains are securely connected. 4. Connect the electrical cables to both vehicles if needed. This will provide power to the towed car and ensure that it responds appropriately to the actions of the towing vehicle. 5. Place the wheel chocks around the tires of the vehicle being towed to make sure it does not roll away. 6. Use the recovery straps to prevent the towed vehicle from being dragged if the tow bar fails. Make sure to wrap the straps around the frame of both vehicles and tightly secure before driving. 7. Put the tow straps around both vehicles and securely tighten them before driving. 8. Pre-trip the car being towed. This will help ensure it is ready to go and will make the towing process smoother. 9. Double check that all of the securement techniques have been properly completed. 10. Put the car in gear and slowly begin towing your vehicle.


Towing a car with ratchet straps can be a challenging task, but is well worth the effort it takes to ensure the safety of you, your vehicle, and the vehicle being towed. Follow the steps above, pay attention to the safety tips, and take your time. With careful planning and safe practices, you will be able to tow your car successfully.

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