towing a car with a strap texas

towing a car with a strap texas

Towing a Car: How to Do it Safely and Properly in Texas

Properly towing a car can be a complex process. Even pro tow truck operators need to stay up-to-date with the rules and regulations pertaining to towing cars in Texas. Understanding the proper and safe way to tow a car is a must for drivers in the Lone Star State.

The "When" and "Why" of Towing in Texas

In Texas, towing a car is not something you should do casually or for fun. Generally, it can only be done for a few distinct reasons. These are:

1. You are a professional auto towing or recovery service. 2. You are a licensed auto body repair professional with permission from the vehicle owner to tow an inoperable vehicle to a repair shop. 3. You are a law enforcement officer that is authorized to tow cars.

Additionally, it is legal to tow an inoperable vehicle on an emergency basis to the nearest place where it can be repaired. Owners can also legally tow a vehicle that they own if they possess a validdriver's license and the vehicle to be towed meets all safety requirements.

What You Must Know Before Towing

Before towing any vehicle, you must understand and observe both general and Texas-specific tow regulations. All drivers should be aware of the laws regarding towing an inoperable car, recreational towing and the rules regarding the person towing the car.

In Texas, recreational towing regulations vary depending on the local jurisdiction, size of the trailer and the weight of the clump. Generally, the gross vehicle weight must not exceed 10,000 pounds. Also, trailers must be properly equipped for the roads and conform to local laws.

When it comes to the person towing the vehicle, the driver must comply with all federal and state laws regarding towing and driving safely. For example, all motorists must check their towing setup, such as the type and condition of the tongue, and make sure that the trailer hitch is securely attached to both the vehicle and the trailer.

Also, when towing with a strap, the motorist must consider the speed limit, know the proper way to secure the load and be aware of any weight restrictions and the need for slow-moving vehicle signs and flags. In Texas, failure to abide by these laws can result in hefty fines, points on your license or even a license suspension.

Equipment Required for Towing

When towing a car, you must use the right kind of equipment. While this generally includes a hitch and tow bar, it may also include other items for towing a car. Here is a list of the equipment that is used for towing a car in Texas:

1. Hitch or Tow Ball: A hitch is a tow-bar that is made of metal or plastic and is attached to the back of the car to be towed. If you use a tow ball, attach it firmly to the trailer tongue or tow bar.

2. Straps: You will also need two or more straps for towing. The straps should be durable nylon webbing that is designed for towing applications, as regular nylon straps may not be strong enough for heavy trailers.

3. Safety Chains: When towing with a strap, you will also need safety chains. Make sure the chains are securely attached to the trailer tongue or tow bar and that they remain secured during the tow.

4. Reflectors and Lights: Reflectors may be required when towing a car in Texas, so make sure you have reflective strips that are attached to the rear of the trailer and that you can see in the mirror. You will also need lights for the trailer. Be sure that the lights meet the requirements for the specific vehicle and that they are properly connected to the trailer harness.

5. The Proper Vehicle: Make sure the vehicle you are using to tow the car is suitable for the job. It must have the right towing capacity and must be in excellent condition.

6. Towing Insurance: You may also need to get towing insurance in order to tow a car in Texas. Generally, auto towing services in the Lone Star State have to have a minimum of $300,000 in liability insurance coverage.

In Conclusion

Preparing to tow a vehicle properly in Texas can be a complicated process, but it is worth it in the long run. Make sure you understand the laws governing towing a car, as well as the equipment needed for the job. When you are equipped with the proper information, towing can be a safe and convenient experience.

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