tower strap

tower strap


Backpack straps are an essential part of carrying a backpack. They allow you to adjust the fit of the bag and evenly distribute the weight of your belongings. Not all straps are made equal, however, and depending on its construction, a backpack strap can provide greater or lesser comfort, support and security. One particular type of strap that is quickly gaining popularity with backpackers and travellers alike is the tower strap.

Tower straps are made of heavy duty materials and feature many additional elements and features that are designed to ensure heavier, bulky loads are securely and comfortably transported. This article will discuss the technology and benefits of a tower strap and explain why backpackers and travellers should consider investing in this vital piece of equipment.


The tower strap was first developed in the 1970s by a small, family-owned business in the United Kingdom. Drawing from the knowledge gained from travelling and a manufacturing background, the design team developed a special degree of webbing with an added rigidity to distribute the weight of a heavy load.

The towers are designed with a structure that is similar to a scaffold; the straps have a rigid core, supported by smaller angled straps that circle around the backpack straps. This feature allows them to provide extra rigidity and strength to a heavy load and ensures that the load is evenly distributed. As the carrier walks and moves, the towers provide the kind of flexible support and stability that a standard backpack strap could never provide.

Benefits of the Tower Strap

One major benefit of a tower strap is its ability to help provide a comfortable and secure fit. Standard backpack straps are often uncomfortable and do not provide the level of support and stability needed when carrying very heavy items. The tower strap is designed with user comfort in mind and features loops, cradles and points which allow the wearer to fine-tune the fit of their bag and adjust the placement of the straps for maximum comfort and stability.

The tower straps are also more durable than standard straps and can accommodate much heavier loads. The straps are designed to provide a certain degree of flexibility and stretch, allowing for a greater degree of shock absorption when loaded heavily. This allows for greater ease when walking over uneven terrain and helps to reduce impacts to the wearer's back and shoulders.


The tower strap is quickly becoming a critical element for backpackers and travellers alike who require greater comfort, support and stability when carrying a heavy load. The straps are durable, adjustable, and can provide flexibility, shock absorption and maximum comfort when traversing even the most challenging terrain. Whether you are going on a long hike or travelling on a plane, investing in a tower strap could help make your journey more enjoyable and ensure that your belongings are secure and comfortable.

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