tow wheel straps

tow wheel straps

Wheel Straps: A Closer Look at This Useful Vehicle Tool

When it comes to transporting equipment and large purchases, many people turn to wheel straps. This type of strap is typically used to secure items to a vehicle, trailer, or other hauling device. Wheel straps are essential for ensuring that the items being transported do not fall off, become loose, or become damaged due to rattling or viation during travel. By understanding the importance of wheel straps and how to properly use them, you can ensure the safety of your cargo.

What are Wheel Straps?

A wheel strap is typically made of nylon webbing or chain links, designed to securely fasten items to a trailer, trailer hitch, or other hauling devices. The flexible and durable material of the strap allows items to be securely fastened and tightly secured. The strap goes around the wheel of the object or vehicle being transported, and is then secured to the hauling vehicle with either a locking latch or ratcheting mechanism. The ratcheting system is not only easy to use but ensures a secure fit. In addition, some wheel straps also feature a security strap for extra protection against theft.

Wheel straps come in different sizes and lengths to meet the needs of various loads. The size and strength of the strap needs to be selected carefully to ensure a secure fit and to avoid it slipping off during transport. It is important to choose the right size for your items to ensure the strap can keep them in place.

Using Wheel Straps

Using wheel straps seems simple, but with such delicate loads, it is important to pay attention to the detail when using this tool. Whether you are securing a load of furniture or a pallet of icks, proper application is key to guaranteeing quality transport. To properly secure a load, the strap needs to be firmly fitted around the wheel or object. Then the strap will need to be fed through the mechanical mechanism in the middle of the strap, and the latch or ratchet tightened. If a locking latch is used, the pin will then need to be secured to prevent it from opening in transit.


Wheel straps are an essential tool when it comes to transporting cargo securely. They come in different sizes and strengths, and their durability and flexibility provide a secure fit for all types of loads. With proper application of the strap, you can guarantee transportation that is both safe and efficient.

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