tow truck strap

tow truck strap

The Importance of Using Tow Truck Straps

Tow truck straps are an essential piece of equipment for towing vehicles safely, quickly and efficiently. They are made from strong, durable materials such as nylon webbing, bungie cords, chain links, and more. Tow truck straps are used to secure a tow truck to the vehicle being towed, ensuring that the vehicle does not become separated or damaged during the tow.

Towing a vehicle can be a dangerous and potentially risky affair, and it is essential that the tow is completed correctly and safely. Tow truck straps are designed to protect both the vehicle being towed as well as the tow truck, enabling smooth and secure towing. Without tow truck straps, the vehicle may become detached from the tow truck, risking serious damage to both the vehicle being towed and the tow truck.

Incorrectly utilising a tow truck strap could also have potentially life-threatening consequences. Twists and kinks in the strap can cause a dangerous amount of tension, potentially leading to a catastrophic failure of the strap and separation of the vehicles.

It is essential that tow truck operators fully understand how tow truck straps operate and the correct procedure for safely fitting them before they attempt to tow a vehicle. All operators should be adequately trained in the correct procedures and provided with the relevant safety gear, such as gloves, high-visibility clothing and protective eyewear.

The tow truck driver should also inspect the tow truck strap and the vehicle being towed before use, ensuring that the strap is in good condition with no signs of wear or tear. All buckles, straps, hooks and other components should be checked for any deformities or signs of damage, and replaced if necessary.

The most important factor for safe towing is for the tow truck driver to ensure that the strap is correctly and securely fastened to the vehicle. The strap should be crossed over the back of the tow truck and fastened in a secure ‘X’ pattern, and then double-checked for security.

The tow truck strap must be tight enough for the vehicle to be securely strapped to the tow truck, but not so tight as to risk losing tension throughout the towing process. If the strap is too loose, the vehicle is at risk of eaking free or becoming damaged during the tow, while if it is too tight, the strap may become improperly tensioned and risk catastrophically failing during the tow.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that a tow truck strap cannot be used to tow two vehicles simultaneously. If a tow truck needs to tow two vehicles at once, another compatible device such as a trailer must be used.

Tow truck straps are an essential piece of equipment for towing vehicles safely and securely. It is essential that tow truck operators are trained in the correct procedures for fitting tow truck straps and understand the risks associated with incorrectly fitted or tensioned straps. When used correctly, tow truck straps can ensure safe towing, helping to reduce the risks of both property damage and life-threatening accidents.

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