tow straps autozone

tow straps autozone

Auto Zone Car Towing Straps

Towing a car is not an easy task. You need to ensure that the towing car is securely connected to and guided by the towing vehicle. It requires using special straps and accessories to safely attach the two cars together. Auto Zone's car towing straps provide a secure and reliable means of attaching a towed car to the towing vehicle.

At Auto Zone, there are a variety of car towing straps available, including heavy-duty tow straps, ratchet straps, emergency towing straps, and durable pass-through straps. Heavy-duty tow straps are designed to handle weighty and long haul towing jobs. They are composed of strong woven and reinforced polyester webbing with doubled or reinforced stitching. The tow straps are designed to securely fasten two objects together, such as a car and truck, and safely tow them.

Ratchet straps feature ratcheting handles that permit easy, secure and tensioning control when securing the towing vehicle and the towed car. The adjustable straps are an optimal choice for when the towing distance is variable. Emergency towing straps offer an added peace of mind in case of emergencies. They are ideal for emergency situations, allowing for a secure and instant connection of two vehicle. Pass-through straps are customized with a reinforced loop design, made from thick and durable polyester webbing. The pass-through design features heavy-duty, reinforced loop-end closures, making the strap extremely strong and secure.

What's more, Auto Zone provides a variety of accessories to suit all types of towing jobs, such as tow mirrors to help you see what’s going on, and tow lights to increase visibility. They also provide hooks and tow bars to complete your towing equipment, in order to ensure that the towed vehicle can be fastened securely and safely.

At Auto Zone, all their car towing straps are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance, making them suitable for any towing job. They also provide installation instructions, as well as a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that you can complete your towing job with confidence. So make sure you go to Auto Zone for all your car towing needs. They have the right tools and accessories to ensure that your car is securely and safely connected and towed to the destination.

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