tow strap

tow strap

Strap It Up: Differences Between Tie-Down Straps and Tow Straps

Tie-down straps and tow straps have many similarities, but the application of these straps have different end results. Whether you’re looking to secure cargo in the back of your truck or tow a car, these straps have you covered. The terms may seem interchangeable, but each have varying limits on size and weight that determine the best use for each strap. Understanding the differences between these straps will save you time and stress when it comes time for you to pick the right one for your task.

Tie-Down Strap

Tie-down straps are commonly used to store away items in the back of a truck or in the ceiling of a garage. The straps are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from two to four meters long and two to six inch widths. They are popularly used to strap down and secure items that are too large or heavy to be lifted and stored manually. This includes items such as camping gear, sports equipment and furniture. Tie-down straps are typically not desired for use on hard objects, such as in a utility trailer.

The knots that connect the tie-down strap to whatever object you are securing are crucial to the strap functioning correctly and without fail. The knot should be looped around the item to be secured, and then at least one additional knot should be used. This ensures that the knot does not slip, and can typically be adjusted for length if needed.

Tow Straps

Unlike tie-down straps, tow straps are intended for use in automotive trailers and for vehicles that require towing. These straps have a eaking point in the range of 30,000- to 50,000-pounds, depending on the thickness and material used. The weight must be distributed and evenly dispersed over the surface area of the item you’re towing. The heavier the vehicle or cargo, the heavier the strap. Tow straps typically range anywhere from four to 20 meters, depending on their purpose and the size of the load you’re transporting.

Professional grade tow straps usually have loops, eyes, or clips at both ends of the strap and a hook on one end. The hook attaches to the towing vehicle, while the loop or hook on the other end attaches to the vehicle being towed. Tow straps are made from reinforced nylon materials and have a wider size range than tie-down straps. Tow straps are not suitable for securing items in the back of a truck; they are only to be used when towing vehicles or other heavier items.

Knowing the difference between a tie-down strap and a tow strap can save you a lot of time and stress. Both are strong and secure, but their application differs greatly. Tie-down straps are best used to secure lighter items or objects in storage, while tow straps are used exclusively for towing cars or cargo on a trailer. Each strap has a distinct purpose. Knowing exactly which one to use will help you accomplish your task in a more efficient and secure manner.

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