tow strap without hooks

tow strap without hooks


Rescuing a vehicle from off-road mishaps, runaways or any other form of immobilization predicament can be daunting. Simple tools like tow straps help us build our confidence to do repairs on the spot or transport a vehicle to a proper repair shop. Tow straps, however, come in various sizes, designs, strength ratings and even hook-types, which can make choosing the right one a bit tricky.

When we want to choose a tow strap and don’t need any hooks, most commonly rubberized straps might be an excellent choice. Not only are these straps strong enough for the task, but they’re also flexible enough to maneuver around and get in the most delicate of positions. This makes them perfect for awkward emergency situations. But that’s not the only good thing about the tow straps without hooks.

Here are other advantages of using tow straps without hooks:

1. Lightweight. Tow straps without hooks are usually lighter than tow straps with hooks or chains. This makes it convenient to carry a tow strap in your car or truck and take with you to in case of emergency.

2. Cost-Effective. Tow straps without hooks are usually more affordable compared to tow straps with hooks and chains. So if you don’t have a big budget and need a tow strap quick, then these straps are ideal.

3. Protective. The strap wrapped around the car, wheel or tow hitch can help protect against scratches.

4. Versatile. With tow straps without hooks you can make use of any open space you find on your car or wheel wheel. This means you can use the tow strap to fit any situation or need.

When buying tow straps without hooks, make sure to get one of quality. This is to ensure lastingness and dependability when you use it. Select the one with high eaking strength. This is important especially when you’re towing heavy vehicles. Aside from that, make sure it’s made of UV resistant material to avoid damages caused by sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Check for any signs of wear and tear. It should also be flexible, which makes it easy to attach, transport and store.

In addition, inspect all the details. See if it’s made with a hard-core steel core, if not, go for others. A good strap needs to be aasion resistant, with a low stretch capacity, and have strong and secure straps. Moreover, make sure it comes with a decent warranty, so you have a peace of mind that the strap will last.

It’s also important to read the instructions carefully and wear protective gloves when loading the tow strap to and from the vehicle. When hooking the straps, make sure they’re not twisted and don’t place too much strain on the surfaces to avoid possible damages.

Tow straps without hooks might be an excellent alternative when you need a fast, easy and affordable tow strap. Though these don’t have hooks and are less sturdy than tow straps with hooks, it makes up for its versatility. Make sure to locate the right one with quality before loading it on your car or towing someone else’s vehicle and you’ll be good to go.

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