5000 lb tow strap

5000 lb tow strap


Towing straps are widely used by recovery vehicles, tradespeople, and even everyday motorists, who may find themselves in need of some extra pulling power in an emergency, such as when a vehicle becomes stuck in mud or sand.

A tow strap is a simple yet convenient tool designed to securely attach one vehicle to another. They are typically made of a strong and durable, yet flexible material such as nylon and have a tensile strength which ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds (900-2,200 kilograms).

The tow strap is generally attached to a tow bar, which is itself attached to the vehicle. Many straps have specialized hooks at either end which makes attaching the tow strap to the tow bar and another vehicle much easier.

There are a variety of uses for a tow strap, with some of the main applications being used to extricate vehicles from mud, snow, and sand. A tow strap can also be used to move heavy and awkward items, such as trailers and large pieces of furniture.

When using a tow strap, it is important to ensure that the strap is tight and taut at all times, and that it is used in a safe and secure manner. A tow strap with a lower tensile strength should not be used for any towing over around 2,500 pounds (1,100 kilograms).

When using a tow strap for moving heavy items, it is important to ensure that the strap does not come into contact with sharp edges or small components, as these can cause damage to the strap. It is also important to ensure that the strap is not subjected to excessive pulling on either side.

The tow strap should also be securely attached to the tow bar and to the other vehicle, ensuring that the hooks are firmly in lace and do not come loose. It is advisable to check the condition of the tow strap regularly and replace it if signs of wear and tear are visible.


Using a tow strap is often the most convenient and practical way to move heavy or awkward items, or to extricate a vehicle that has become stuck in mud, snow, or sand. It is important to ensure that the tow strap is securely attached to both the tow bar and to the other vehicle, and also to ensure that the strap is not subjected to excessive pulling.

Always ensure that the tow strap is of adequate tensile strength and is in good condition before use, as a weakened tow strap can fail in an emergency situation and cause further issues.

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