tow strap vs lifting sling

tow strap vs lifting sling

Introduction to Bungee Cords and Lifting Slings

Bungee cords and lifting slings are two of the most popular tools used in rigging and lifting applications. They have different uses, safety considerations, and design requirements. As such, they are often confused by those in the industry and new to rigging. This article will discuss the similarities and differences between bungee cords and lifting slings, as well as safety considerations and their uses.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are defined as a type of rope with an elastic core, covered in a protective sheath, and harnessed with clips or hooks for added security. This makes bungee cords a versatile tool for rigging and lifting, as the elastic core allows for a shortening or stretching of the cord, and the sheath provides a safe shield from aasion. Bungee cords typically range from two feet to four feet in length, but special-order lengths are available from select vendors.

The majority of bungee cords are flat aided, meaning that the core is woven between two evenly sized layers of synthetic ropes for a flat, continuous length. These flat aided cords are stronger than regular bungee cords, with up to 50% added strength, and can be used in a variety of rigging and lifting applications, such as supporting a load before using a crane.

Lifting Slings

Lifting slings, also known as rigging slings, are non-elastic tools used to lift and suspend heavy loads, typically in industrial and manufacturing settings. Lifting slings are usually made from metal or synthetic material, such as steel, polyester, or nylon. These materials are chosen for their strength, flexibility, and aasion resistance, allowing them to safely bear the load of even the heaviest machinery.

Lifting slings come in many shapes and sizes, from round slings and endless slings to grommet, web, and basket slings, and are essential for all types of rigging and lifting jobs. The type of sling must be chosen based on the intended application, taking into account the weight, size, shape and fragility of the load.

Safety Considerations for both Bungee Cords and Lifting Slings

Both bungee cords and lifting slings are essential for rigging and lifting, but they come with their own set of safety considerations. It is vital to choose the right type and size of bungee cord or sling before using it, and to read and adhere to manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols before hooking and lifting.

When using a bungee cord, it is important to ensure it is rated for the intended job, as too much weight or tension can cause the cord to eak or burst. To avoid this, the cord should be inspected for wear and tear before each use, and only used for the purpose for which it was designed.

When using a lifting sling, it is essential to ensure the sling’s Type Specified Capacity (TWC) is equal to or greater than the weight of the load. It is also important to select the correct sling angle: a 90-degree angle is the optimal angle for heavy and even weight distributions, while a 45-degree angle is the optimal angle for lifts with less than ten tons of weight distribution.

Other safety considerations when using lifting slings include choosing the right method of attachment – web and grommet slings require triangle rings, while basket slings can use any type of lifting hook – using proper handling techniques, and making sure each side of the sling is properly positioned and securely connected.


Bungee cords and lifting slings are two essential tools for rigging and lifting, but they come with different purposes, design requirements and safety considerations. This article discussed the similarities and differences between bungee cords and lifting slings, as well as safety considerations for both. By following the safety guidelines and providing additional instructions for workers, unsafe practices can be avoided, and safe rigging and lifting can be achieved.

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