tow strap supreme

tow strap supreme


The use of tow straps and recovery straps is commonplace in many areas of automotive repair and maintenance. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of tow straps, how to choose the right tow strap and what types of tow straps are currently available.

Tow straps, also known as recovery straps, are used to pull vehicles out of difficult places or to by-pass safety systems, such as anti-lock akes (ABS) when approaching and maneuvering on slippery surfaces. They are designed for a safe, flat recovery and are typically used for two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles that have traction issues. Tow straps come in various styles, sizes and features.

When choosing a tow strap, the first considerations are the most important: application, length, strength and material. Factors to consider when choosing the type of tow strap includes the weight of the vehicle it will be used on, the physical environment surrounding the area, and the type of surface to be driven upon. If a tow is necessary in a wet, muddy or marshy area, a neoprene or rubber tow strap or a synthetic winch rope with an all-weather overtone, such as Nylon's Sleeve-Rope, may be the best choice.

The materials used in the manufacture of a tow strap are also essential. High-quality tow straps are usually made of heavy-duty vinyl or flexible stainless steel. A tow strap should also feature a safety load limit to ensure it will not eak at higher weights.

The right length should also be taken into consideration when selecting a tow strap. To pull a vehicle out of difficult terrain, a longer strap will work better. It is important to measure the vehicle’s length and width, as the strap will need to fit snugly around the car.

When looking for a tow strap, read the product specifications carefully to determine the best tow strap for the application. Many of the top manufacturers of tow straps offer their flagship product, the 'Tow Strap Supreme'; this model features 4500-pound eaking strength and 10,000-pound safe working load capacity.

Tow straps can be found at many automotive stores. Online retailers specializing in towing equipment offer a variety of tow straps from a variety of different manufacturers. Selecting the right tow strap for the job can prevent costly mistakes and make towing and recovery procedures much safer and more efficient.

In conclusion, the use of tow straps and recovery straps is essential in automotive repair and maintenance. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right tow strap, including application, length, strength and material type. Never choose a tow strap without looking at the product specifications. Products such as the Tow Strap Supreme provide an excellent solution for safe, flat recovery operations on two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles. Selecting the right tow strap and being aware of the applications of the product is paramount to using tow straps correctly and safely.

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