tow strap review

tow strap review

Tow Straps: A Comprehensive Review

Tow straps are becoming increasingly popular among car owners as they look for reliable, inexpensive ways to tow vehicles. Tow straps are versatile, versatile enough to provide towing power and secure transportation for many cars, trucks, and even SUVs. They are also becoming popular because of their affordability. Unfortunately, tow straps have not been without controversy, with some claiming that they can be dangerous for anyone not trained in their proper use. This review will discuss how to properly and safely use a tow strap, key features to consider when purchasing a tow strap, and the benefits and disadvantages of using tow straps.

What Is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is an essential piece of equipment used to tow a vehicle, usually from a roadside emergency. A tow strap essentially consists of a heavy-duty strap with a metal hook on one end and a loop on the other. The tow strap can be attached to a tow truck, an SUV, or any other type of vehicle and is designed to give a strong, durable connection between the two vehicles. Tow straps come in various sizes and materials to suit different towing applications.

Common Features and Uses of Tow Straps

The most popular tow straps are made of durable, high-strength nylon webbing. Common features of nylon tow straps include heavy-duty stitching, reinforced loops, steel hooks and adjustable buckles for varying load capacity. The load capacity of a tow strap is determined by the size, material, and strength of the tow strap. Tow straps are used to perform a variety of tasks, including towing vehicle wreckage, motorhome towing, and trailer towing. The type of towing will determine the size and load capacity of the tow strap needed.

When To Use a Tow Strap

Tow straps should only be used for short tows (under 10 miles) and when the vehicle you are towing does not have a means of being connected to another vehicle using a tow bar or a tow hitch. Tow straps should never be used to tow a vehicle on public roads, as they can be hazardous if used improperly. Tow straps should also never be used to tow a vehicle with excessively unbalanced weight or with oken suspension.

How To Properly Use a Tow Strap

When using a tow strap, it is important to follow safety measures. Before beginning the tow, you should inspect the tow strap to be sure that it is in good condition and is securely attached to both vehicles. It is also important to ensure that the vehicles are able to move free of any obstructions, such as rocks, trees, or other vehicles. If possible, secure the tow strap to the towing vehicle so that it does not become loose during the tow.

When attaching the tow strap, you should secure the metal hook of the tow strap to the proper fitting point on the towing vehicle and the loop on the tow strap to the fitting point of the towed vehicle. Use an appropriate sized loop and check both sides of the tow strap to make sure they are tight. To ensure that the tow strap does not become loose, you should ensure that the strap is secured in an appropriate way and make sure that the strap has not unraveled.

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a Tow Strap

When purchasing a tow strap, there are several key features to consider. First, you should consider the weight capacity of the tow strap and make sure it is suitable for the task at hand. The straps should also be made from strong, durable materials, such as nylon or polyester, and have reinforced loops for extra strength. It is important to choose a tow strap with adjustable buckles for varying load capacities and adequate length for the job. In addition, the tow strap should feature quality stitching that prevents the strap from unraveling and an adequate number of attachment points.

Benefits of Using a Tow Strap

There are many advantages to using tow straps instead of other methods of towing. First, tow straps are relatively inexpensive when compared to other towing methods, such as tow bars or tow hitches. Tow straps are also portable, lightweight, and can be easily stored when not in use. In addition, tow straps are highly adjustable, making them suitable for a range ofvehicles, and they require minimal setup time.

Disadvantages of Using a Tow Strap

While tow straps are highly advantageous, there are also a few drawbacks. First, tow straps are not suitable for long-distance towing as the strength of the strap can be affected by the length of the tow. The load capacity of tow straps is also limited and can be affected by the terrain, distance, and weight of the towed vehicle. Finally, there is a risk of the strap coming loose, damaging the vehicle, or becoming a safety hazard when used improperly.


In conclusion, tow straps are an affordable and reliable towing solution for many types of vehicles. They are lightweight and easy to store, and their adjustable load capacities make them suitable for a range of towing tasks. However, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of how to use tow straps safely, so as not to create a potential hazard on the road. By researching the features of tow straps, familiarizing yourself with their uses, and understanding the risks involved, you can ensure you are towing safely and securely with a tow strap.

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