tow strap race car

tow strap race car

Tow Strap Racing: The Pursuit of Excitement

Tow strap racing, or “Tow-N-Goes,” are racing events where two vehicles are connected by a tow strap while they race around a track. This new and exciting form of racing has been gaining in popularity as enthusiasts of all age groups come together to experience the thrill of high speeds and exhilarating competition.

The concept of tow strap racing can be traced back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. While most people remember seeing the sport in its early incarnation, which was much more dangerous than it is today, the sport has since evolved to become a safe and enjoyable way for car enthusiasts to experience racing in its purest form.

At a tow-strap race, drivers have to be especially aware of their surroundings and the risk of colliding with other vehicles. This makes for a fast-paced, competitive atmosphere that can easily get heated. Also, since the vehicles are connected by only a tow strap, drivers must account for the variable motion of the two vehicles, and the effects of one vehicle’s motion on the other. This requires a significant amount of skill and focus in order to be successful.

Tow-strap races are typically held on closed courses such as airstrips, drag strips and go-kart tracks. The events usually consist of four heats, where two drivers will race each other at the same time. The first two heats are head-to-head matches, where the winner of each race advances. The final two heats are both two-race combinations with the two winners of the previous heats. The two drivers with the most wins will be the finalists that race in the final heat to determine a winner.

These races are made even more exciting by the fact that in many cases, the vehicles are unmodified and completely stock. This means that the competition is purely based on the driving skill of the competitors and not the modifications to their vehicle. This adds an electrifying atmosphere as the drivers attempt to use pure talent to outrace their opponents.

At the end of the race, the winning driver is rewarded with a cash prize, depending on the individual event. Additionally, there are often awards for the best time of the day, most improved driver and most trophies won throughout the day. It is also a great way to socialize, mingle and form camaraderie with other car enthusiasts who share the same interest.

Tow strap racing is fast becoming the new way to take your passion for cars and turn it into a full-blown sport. With adrenaline-pumping races and the ability to combine close competition and good fun with any age group, tow strap racing is the perfect way for car enthusiasts to fuel their fire. For those looking for excitement, tow strap racing may just be the perfect avenue to explore.

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