tow strap oreillys

tow strap oreillys


Tow straps, also known as ‘snatch-straps’, ‘recovery straps’, ‘tow-ropes’ or ‘tow-straps’ are crucial pieces of equipment that no off-road enthusiast or vehicle owner should be without. They have become an essential part of off-road travel and are used to rescue vehicles or equipment that have become stuck, oken down, or have simply run out of petrol. Tow straps can be seen as a kind of safety net, helping vehicle owners and off-roaders stay independent and confident during their travels and adventures.

Unsurprisingly, knowing when to use a tow strap and the steps necessary to use them correctly is of the utmost importance for the safety of everyone involved. If the steps below are followed correctly and the correct gear is used, towing with a tow strap can be both efficient and safe.

Understanding the Basics of Tow Straps

Tow straps come in a variety of different styles, each designed for different terrains, uses and types of vehicles. The most common tow straps are made from woven fies, usually nylon or cotton. They usually come with metal hooks at either end, although snap-shackles and other types of fasteners are sometimes used as well.

The strength of tow straps is measured in ‘tensile loading’ and can range from 1,500lbs to 10,000lbs and higher. It is important to recognize that strength ratings are just numbers and the true working strength of a tow strap can only be judged by its condition. If a tow strap is even slightly damaged, it will not be as strong or as safe as it was originally advertised. This is why it is important to inspect a tow strap before each use and to replace it if it is frayed or shows signs of wear.

Using Tow Straps Safely and Effectively

When using a tow strap, there are a few important steps that need to be taken to ensure both safety and efficiency.

First, make sure the tow strap is compatible with the vehicles that will be connected. If using metal hooks, attach the clips to the towing vehicle first, making sure they are securely fastened.

Before attaching the tow strap to the being towed vehicle, ensure that the tow strap is properly positioned so as to create the least amount of stress on the towing vehicle. The strap should also be centered between the two vehicles and kept taut.

To keep all involved vehicles safe, the tension of the tow strap should be monitored throughout the tow. If the tow is taking place on uneven or difficult terrain, adjust the tension as necessary to avoid any sudden jerking or surging.

Finally, always make sure to check the tow strap before each use and replace it if needed.


Tow straps are an essential piece of equipment for anyone travelling off-road or with a vehicle. With the right precautions and a bit of know-how, they can be an invaluable tool. Understanding the basics of tow straps, as well as the appropriate steps necessary to use them safely and effectively, is key to a successful, safe journey. Using tow straps can mean the difference between being stuck and stranded and being able to get back on the road and on with your travels.

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