tow strap on car

tow strap on car

The Benefits of Having a Tow Strap on Your Car

If you have a car, it’s wise to have a tow strap in the glove box, trunk, or storage compartment of your vehicle. A tow strap is an essential item for anyone who has ever been on a long drive and has needed assistance. This must-have item can help you out of a pinch and should be every car owner’s go to in times of need.

Here is why you should always have a tow strap in your car and a few ways it can be used.

Makes Getting a Push Easy

Tow straps are essential for getting stuck cars out of sticky situations. If your car ever becomes stuck in the snow, a tow strap can get you moving again without much effort. Simply attach the strap to a car with better traction, give your car a push and tug, and you’ll be on your way in no time. If you are stuck in an unpopulated area or don't have any helpful friends around, a tow strap can become a useful piece of equipment.

No Damage to either Vehicle

Tow straps are designed to attach vehicles together without damaging them and must be used in the correct way to avoid unnecessary damage. Since the tow strap is designed to stretch, it makes it efficient to attach vehicles. Without it, you would have to use a chain or rope, which can often be too aasive and cause damage to your car or the cars you are attaching it to. With the tow strap, the elasticity helps to the take the pressure off the cars’ parts and allows them to be towed without fear of damage.

Easy to Use

Tow straps are extremely easy to use and are a safer alternative than chains or ropes. The straps feature metal hooks that firmly attach themselves to either car without posing a potential risk. Attaching the tow strap is simple and can be done quickly in no time. They are also easy to store and can fold up quite small, making it the perfect item to keep in your car.

Multiple Uses

Tow straps not only help you tow a car, but they can also be used to transport more than one car on a trailer at the same time since they are designed with metal hooks on each end. They are also useful for any type of mountain sport, such as snowboarding or skiing, as they can help pull someone up an incline or out of a sticky situation. You can even use them for recreational purposes, like towing a boat, trailer or ATV.


Tow straps can be found for a fraction of the cost of a traditional car tow. They are usually priced around one tenth of what it would cost to have your car towed by a professional. Tow straps are also much more convenient and can be used at any time in any location.

Having a tow strap on hand can be a lifesaving piece of equipment, especially in times when you are stuck in an area with no help around. It’s essential for every car owner to have one of these straps in the case of an emergency. They are small, easy to store and use, and can save you a lot of money by eliminating the need to call a professional tow service. Plus, they are much safer than a rope or chain and the risk of the strap causing any damage to the vehicles is quite low. So invest in a tow strap today and keep it close at hand, in case you ever need it.

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