tow strap knot

tow strap knot


Incapacitated by the harsh winter storms, the sturdy tow strap—which can be found in many a roadside mechanic’s workshop—is an essential lifeline in times of need. It’s not just used in towing vehicles either; oftentimes, this versatile strap is closely linked with rock-climbing, rescue operations, and even tree-climbing. It’s no surprise then, that the knot used to secure a tow strap—known as the Tow Strap Knot—has been a critical aspect of rock-climbing and rescue operations since its popularization in the early '90s.

The Tow Strap Knot is a deceptively simple knot that can be used to securely fasten a tow strap. Despite its simplicity, the knot has several special properties that make it ideal for these specific uses.

The first benefit of the Tow Strap Knot is the fact that it is surprisingly strong. No matter how hard you pull on the strap, the knot will stay tight, making it ideal for rock-climbing, when you need to trust your safety to the knot.

The second benefit of the Tow Strap Knot is its ability to hold tight even when wet. Unlike other knots, Tow Strap Knots don’t become loose and slippery when they come in contact with moisture, so they can be used in rescue operations, where they are likely to be exposed to water.

The third benefit of the Tow Strap Knot is the fact that it can easily be untied, even after pulling extremely hard on the strap. This is especially beneficial during tree-climbing and rescue operations, where it is necessary to quickly untie the knot in order to reach a stranded person or animal.

The fourth benefit of the Tow Strap Knot is its versatility; it is small, surprisingly strong and able to be used with a wide range of straps. This makes it one of the most commonly used knots for attaching tow straps, from small bungee cords to large seatbelts.

When it comes to tying a Tow Strap Knot, the process is simple and straightforward. To start you will need a tow strap and a flat surface such as a table.

1. Take the end of the strap and loop it around the middle of the strap.

2. Make a single loop with the end of the strap, and loop it back over itself so that it meets up with the middle of the strap, forming a parallel line.

3. Make a second loop with the end of the strap, behind the first loop, so that it crosses over the line of the first loop.

4. Take the end of the strap and tuck it back under the crossed line, so that the end is pointing in the same direction as the rest of the strap.

5. Pull the two ends of the strap so that they are facing each other, and pull them tightly to ensure that the knot is secure.

The Tow Strap Knot is a valuable knot to learn, as it has numerous practical applications. Not only is it a versatile knot that can be used with a variety of straps, but its strength and resilience make it a necessary asset in rock-climbing, rescue operations and tree-climbing. With patience, practice and a little bit of know-how, the Tow Strap Knot is a knot that you can trust in any survival situation.

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