tow strap kit

tow strap kit


A tow strap kit is one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools that a vehicle owner can have on hand for many automotive emergency situations. Whether you find yourself oken down in the middle of nowhere, helping a stranded friend get back on the road, or just needing to tow something a short distance, an emergency tow strap and related components like a set of shackles, are of immense importance.

Tow straps are useful rescuing devices that safe folks by allowing two vehicles to become attached through a strong strap and vehicle hooks or towing devices. A tow strap is much better than using a chain, since the nylon material is much stronger, more elastic and lighter than a chain is. It’s also much less prone to snapping, which can be a real hazard when towing at any speed.

When choosing a tow strap kit, consider the working load limit of the kit. This number is the amount of maximum weight that can be safely towed by the strap. Generally speaking, for most typical automotive emergency uses, a tow strap with a limit of 10,000lbs is sufficient.

Additionally, a tow strap kit should include a set of shackles. Shackles are used to connect the tow strap to your vehicle and are available in a variety of weight classes, from 3/4 ton to 30 ton. Make sure you get the correct size for your application, as incorrect sizing can lead to hazardous situations.

Once you have chosen the correct tow strap for your vehicle and load rating, you will need to properly anchor your system. Always make sure your anchor points are strong and secure, even if you are just towing something a short distance. This will prevent potential disaster and keep both vehicles safe.

For extra caution and added insurance that the strap will stay secure when towing, you can use a ratchet strap. These nylon straps come with an adjustable tensioner that helps to keep the strap taut and the load secure. As a final note, make sure you check local regulations regarding vehicle towing. Some places may have laws on the books that limit when and where you can tow a vehicle (even for emergency rescue purposes).

In short, a tow strap kit is an essential item to have available in any garage, trunk, or toolbox. It’s relatively inexpensive and can really pay off in many situations. Always take extra care and consider proper safety procedure when towing anything, even if it’s only a short distance.

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