tow strap home depot

tow strap home depot



Stow straps are an invaluable tool for both amateur and professional mechanics. Whether you’re securing cargo on a truck bed, strapping a bike to a car rack, or even tying down a tarp in your backyard, straps can help you keep your loads safe and secure. Different types of straps are available, which are often found in home improvement stores like Home Depot. Different straps have different strengths and unique features, so it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing a strap that’s suitable for the job at hand.

What Is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a long, strong length of heavy duty faic or nylon webbing designed to be used for securing cargo or towing vehicles. As its name implies, it is a strap with multiple loops or ends attached to it, so that it can be looped around the goods or objects being secured or towed. Many tow straps can be found in Home Depot, as they are a relatively affordable and versatile tool that can provide a great deal of utility.

Different Types of Tow Straps

Different types of tow straps exist, and it’s important to choose the best one for the job. Polyester tow straps, for example, are a popular choice because they are widely available and inexpensive. Polyester tow straps are also strong and durable, but there are some drawbacks that make them better suited for certain tasks than others. For example, polyester tow straps may not be able to stand up to extreme temperatures, and if used for towing a vehicle, they will have to be replaced after a few uses.

On the other hand, reinforced tow straps are much stronger and less likely to be overtaxed in extreme temperatures. They are much more expensive than polyester tow straps, however, and should only be used for serious towing or cargo-securing jobs. Additionally, some extra care must be taken when using a reinforced tow strap, as the webbing can potentially aade objects it’s looped around.

Different Options at Home Depot

When it comes to tow straps, Home Depot provides many options that should satisfy the needs of most consumers. Among the store’s offerings is the Bergen 1” x 20” Heavy Duty Tow Strap. This tow strap is made out of thick polyester webbing, allowing it to support loads of up to 4,000 pounds. This strap is sold by the foot, and it is available in lengths ranging from 4 to 20 feet.

Also available at Home Depot is the Bergen 2” x 30” Heavy Duty Tow Strap. This tow strap is made out of stronger reinforced nylon webbing, allowing it to support loads up to 8,500 pounds. This strap is also sold by the foot, with lengths ranging from 6 to 30 feet, making it suitable for a range of towing and loading applications.


When it comes to tow straps, Home Depot offers a wide selection of different styles and types. While polyester straps are affordable and widely available, reinforced straps are generally better suited for heavy duty towing or extreme temperature environments. Whatever the task, it can be important to choose the correct tow strap, as having one that’s too weak or harsh can result in serious damage or even injury. By considering the different options at Home Depot, you can select a tow strap that is right for the job.

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