tow strap for pulling trees

tow strap for pulling trees

Recovering and Pulling Stuck Trees with Tow Straps: A Guide

Recovering, removing and transporting trees that have become stuck or rooted in place can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, requiring strong equipment and manpower for proper removal. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where the necessary equipment is unavailable, or trying to move a particularly large tree that would require equipment more powerful than what you may have access to.

Whatever the reason, one increasingly popular option for recovering these trees is by using a tow strap, otherwise known as a tow rope. This is a durable, but relatively cost-effective solution to moving a stuck or rooted tree that's easy to find and often uncomplicated to implement. This article will go over the basics of using a tow strap to pull a stuck or rooted tree, as well as important safety considerations to be aware of before doing so.

What Is a Tow Strap

A tow strap is a strong, weatherproof nylon strap with loops on either end. These straps come in a variety of lengths and widths, designed to be used with a wide range of vehicles and equipment, such as trucks, tractors and ATVs. The strength of these straps relies on the quality of the nylon material and the stitching of the loops, and they can generally handle up to two tons of pulling force.

Tow straps are often used for towing, usually involving one vehicle pulling another. Depending on the situation, you may use a single tow strap or two, one attached to the front and one attached to the back of each vehicle, with the strap in between linking them together. In the case of moving a stuck or rooted tree, this same principle applies. You'll need to attach the tow strap to either the resisting tree or to a vehicle capable of supplying the necessary pulling force.

How to Use a Tow Strap to Pull a Stuck or Rooted Tree

Before attempting to use a tow strap for pulling a stuck or rooted tree, you should always familiarize yourself with your particular tow strap and its associated limitations. Not all tow straps are the same, so read up on your strap before using it to make sure that it is suitable for your task. Once you've done that, follow these steps to use a tow strap for pulling a tree:

1. Attach one end of the tow strap to the tree or object that requires pulling. Use either a tree loop strap or a heavy-duty ratchet strap to ensure secure attachment.

2. Connect the other end of the tow strap to the vehicle or equipment providing the necessary force. Negotiate the angle of the strap between the two points to ensure easy but secure attachment.

3. Increase the pulling force gradually. Take your time here, as you don't want to apply too much force or risk damaging the strap or the strapped objects.

4. If necessary, have someone direct the vehicle to make sure that it remains on course and the strap is kept at the proper angle at all times.

5. Once the resisted object has been pulled loose and the vehicle has come to a stop, make sure to inspect the tow strap for any signs of wear or damage.

Safety Considerations

When pulling stuck or rooted trees with a tow strap, there are many safety considerations that warrant consideration. Here are a few of the most important ones.

1. Be sure to inspect both the tow strap and the strapped area before and after use.Look for any loose material, wear or other signs of damage that could make it unsafe for future use.

2. Make sure to use the appropriate safety gear at all times. This includes things like gloves, eye protection, and any other gear that may be necessary for the particular job.

3. Don't exceed the maximum rated force for the particular tow strap you are using. Different straps are rated for different amounts of pulling force, and using one that isn't up to the job could lead to serious issues.

4. Always make sure to have someone directing the vehicle while it is providing pulling force. This will ensure that the strap remains at the proper angle and that the process remains as safe as possible.


Pulling stuck or rooted trees with a tow strap can be a great solution if you don't want to invest in expensive towing equipment or if you're dealing with an unusually large tree that would require equipment more durable than a tow strap. Whatever the situation, it's important to familiarize yourself with the tow strap you are using and to keep safety considerations at the forefront of the process. Follow the steps outlined in this article and ensure you have the right safety gear, and you should have no problem moving stuck and rooted trees.

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