tow strap fiesta st

tow strap fiesta st

Introduction With the dawn of the new era in auto sports, the Ford Fiesta ST has set the stage for performance enthusiasts of all car types. Combining a turbocharged 1.6L EcoBoost engine, aggressive styling, and an agile chassis, the Fiesta ST has become an invaluable asset to drivers seeking increased levels of performance out of their vehicle. To capitalize on the Fiesta’s capabilities, Ford has developed an aftermarket tow strap system specifically designed to maximize the vehicles dynamic abilities.

The Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System The Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System is an upgrade kit designed to provide additional safe and effective options for towing. The system includes a unique combination tow hook, custom-fitted aluminum tow hook acket, mounting hardware, and a tow strap with 5000lbs eaking strength. Additionally, the system also features a unique polyurethane bushing, allowing for better suspension articulation, enabling the vehicle to easily account for uneven surfaces.

Installing and Utilizing The Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System When installing the Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System, the mounting hardware should be securely tightened by hand. Care should be taken to ensure that the hardware is seated firmly within the sleeves, ensuring that the tow hook does not move during operation. Additionally, the polyurethane bushing should also be securely inserted into their respective ackets. After installation, the tow hook can be used as normal. The strap should never be tugged past the marked point of 5,000 lbs, as doing so will severely reduce the strength and reliability of the strap.

Conclusion The Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System is an invaluable asset for performance drivers looking to maximize the engine and chassis capabilities of their vehicle. With proper installation and careful application, the system can offer a secure solution for towing, while also allowing drivers to appreciate the benefits of increased suspension articulation. For those looking to add a reliable and safe tow system to their Fiesta ST, the Ford Fiesta ST Tow Strap System presents a quality and cost-effective solution.

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