tow strap dog bone

tow strap dog bone

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A tow strap dog bone is an innovative piece of equipment developed to help owners with larger, stronger eeds of dogs to control them during walks. It is a strong, durable and lightweight piece of equipment made of two tough nylon tow straps connected in the shape of a bone by using a heavy-duty metal carabiner. This device is designed to keep drool and pulling to a minimum while providing owners with secure control of their pet.

The straps are adjustable so the bone can accommodate any size of dog from a large mastiff to a small lapdog. The straps have been designed in such a way to distribute pressure evenly along the dog's chest, allowing for the maximum amount of comfort for the animal. The straps can also be adjusted for different temperatures and terrain types, making them highly versatile for all sorts of outings.

The strap dog bone is also extremely strong, allowing owners of large dogs to control their animal with ease. The carabiner securely clips to the straps and can also be used to attach a leash or lead should you want your dog to remain on a tighter lead. Additionally, the straps are resistant to aasion, saltwater and sunlight, meaning they continue to perform in tough environments.

While the traditional lead and collar design has served dog owners well over the years, the strap dog bone provides a unique set of advantages that are worth considering. For one, it reduces the chances of souring muscles or aches due to uncomfortable pressure points. The straps act as a buffer and disperses force much more evenly than a collared leash. The bone design also provides a more secure grip, making it much harder for a dog to eak away or shake free of the lead.

The strap dog bone is also highly adjustable, allowing you to fit the straps to the size of your dog. Additionally, the adjustability means you can customize the size of the straps for different weather types or terrains. This means your pup can enjoy the same level of comfort and security in both cold or wet weather as in a sunny, dry park.

All in all, a tow strap dog bone provide owners with a reliable and long-lasting leash alternative for their pups. They are particularly suited for owners with large and strong eeds of dogs, as it is much harder for a pet to escape a strap design than a traditional collar and lead. The soft straps make them comfy for the dog and the adjustable straps enable the owner to alter it to both the size of their dog and the environment they’re in. It’s an innovative and highly practical piece of equipment that could provide all owners with a convenient, secure and comfortable solution to large-dog ownership.

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