tow strap death

tow strap death


Tow strap deaths are both horrifying and preventable. The recent news headlines involving these tragic events underscore the importance of learning and understanding the safety measures involving the use of tow straps. In this article, we will eakdown what they are, how they should be used, and why they can sometimes be dangerous. Furthermore, we will examine the consequences of not taking enough precautions with these devices, and the importance of proper training, maintenance, and inspection when utilizing tow straps.

What are Tow Straps?

Tow straps are a crucial part of many everyday activities. They are used to tow, or pull, large or heavy loads from one vehicle to another or from one area to another. They range in size, strength and price depending on the load’s weight and size. Typically, the most commonly seen tow straps are strap-like pieces of webbing made from polyester or nylon. They have reinforced loops at either end which are used to connect a tow vehicle to the object that needs to be towed.

How Should Tow Straps be Used?

When using tow straps, it is absolutely vital that you follow proper safety protocols. First and foremost, the strap should always be connected to both the tow vehicle and the object that is being towed with two separate straps. If the strap is too small or too weak for the load it is intended to tow, it should not be used. Tow straps should also be inspected before each use and all straps should be replaced at least once a year in order to ensure maximum strength and reliability.

In addition to following proper safety protocols, it is also important to wear protective equipment while using tow straps. This includes safety glasses, as flying deis and road hazards may tear a tow strap at any time. In addition, gloves should also be worn to protect hands from friction burns. Finally, it is essential to wear a long sleeve shirt in order to lessen the chance of skin irritation or burns that could occur during the towing process.

Why are Tow Straps Dangerous?

Tow straps can be dangerous if not used correctly or if they are old and worn. Improper use of a tow strap can cause it to snap under pressure, releasing the load and endangering bystanders in the process. It can also cause the tow vehicle to reverse suddenly, which could result in serious injury or even death. Furthermore, weakened tow straps can suddenly eak when exposed to extreme temperatures or loads, regardless of the precautionary measures taken. Thus, it is important to remember to always inspect the tow strap for wear and tear before each use and to neither exceed the manufacturer’s weight recommendations nor tow at excessive speeds.

The Consequences of Inadequate Use of Tow Straps

Inadequate use of tow straps can have severe consequences. If a tow strap snaps, the load being towed can hit the tow vehicle or bystanders in its path, potentially causing property damage, serious injury, or even death. In addition, if not used correctly, the tow strap can become detached from both the tow vehicle and the object being towed, resulting in the load crashing down on to the ground with great force. Furthermore, even if the tow strap is securely attached, stopping difficulty can occur when towing a very heavy load. This can potentially lead to a crash which can cause injury or death.


Tow straps are a critical tool for many everyday activities, but they must be used correctly and with caution. Tow straps can be dangerous and can lead to devastating consequences if not used properly. It is absolutely essential that tow straps be attached to both the tow vehicle and the object being towed properly, that the weight limit of the strap must not be exceeded, that the tow vehicle and object being towed must be driven or moved at safe speeds and that the tow strap must be inspected before each use and replaced at least once a year. If these precautions are not taken, the consequences could be deadly and preventable.

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