tow strap clevis

tow strap clevis


Tow strap clevis, often referred to simply as clevis, is a tow strap and a metal anchor point used to secure items to another object, such as a towing vehicle or a tow bar. Clevis are most often used in towing and recovery, trailer, and other general cargo applications. This article will provide an overview of the different types of clevis, as well as their intended use cases and how they are used.

Types of Clevis

Clevis are typically made using two pieces of steel that are joined together. One side of the clevis will have an adjustable screw, which is used to secure the clevis to a tow strap, while the other side has a flat base, which can be attached to the towing vehicle or the tow bar. This type of clevis is referred to as a fitted clevis. On the other hand, some clevis are sold separately from the tow strap, allowing the user to fit the clevis to the tow strap upon installation.

There are several different types of fitted clevis, each suited to different application scenarios. Rear-mounted clevis are mounted at the rear of the towing vehicle, typically just above the bumper. These clevis are used for higher-weight capacity towing applications, as the clevis can be securely attached to the vehicle frame. Front-mounted clevis are a bit more flexible, as they can be mounted at the front of the towing vehicle, usually at the bumper. These clevis are somewhat less secure than the rear-mounted clevis, but they are more convenient and often the preferred option for recreational towing and recovery applications.

Receiver-mounted clevis are typically used when a vehicle doesn’t have a dedicated tow bar mounted on the rear of the car. These clevis are fitted directly into a vehicle’s receiver, or ball-mount acket, which allows the user to easily adjust the height of the clevis. Lastly, clevis rigs have a flat base that can be attached to a tow bar. These clevis rigs are generally used for recreational towing and recovery applications, as the rigid construction allows for greater control over the towing application's stability.

How Clevis are Used

In order to use a clevis, the user must first attach a loop of tow strap to the clevis. This can be done by either looping the tow strap though the adjustable screw, or by attaching the tow strap directly to the clevis base. Once the tow strap is attached, the user can attach the clevis to the towing vehicle or the tow bar, depending on the type of clevis they are using.

Once the clevis is securely attached to the towing vehicle or tow bar, the user can then securely attach the tow strap to a towable item. The user should ensure that the tow strap is fitted tightly, as this will prevent the strap from loosening and that the items being towed are securely attached. In some cases, it is necessary to thread the tow strap through the towable item and secure it with a knot.

It is always important to ensure that the clevis and the tow strap are both strong enough to withstand the towing application in which they are used. It is also important to check all connections and straps prior to every use to ensure that they are properly attached and that they are functioning as expected.


Tow strap clevis are a necessary component of any towing application, as they provide the necessary anchor points for securing the tow strap to the towing vehicle or tow bar. Clevis are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, each suited to a particular towing scenario. It is important to ensure that the clevis and tow strap used are strong enough to adequately secure the item being towed, and that all connections are secure prior to use. With the proper knowledge and use of clevis, anyone can tow securely and safely.

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