tow strap cinch bone

tow strap cinch bone

Introduction A Tow Strap Cinch Bone (TSCB) is an important automotive part that is manufactured to secure the tow strap when towing a vehicle. A TSCB is a small looped or triangular shaped piece of metal that you place the tow strap in one end, and then the other end into a receiver on the bumper of the vehicle being towed. The receiver holds the TSCB securely in place, which helps to ensure the safety of the vehicle being towed.

It is important to use a TSCB when towing a vehicle because if the tow strap were to slip, it could cause great damage to the vehicle being towed, as well as those around it. A TSCB helps to prevent this from happening.

Tow strap cinches are available in several different shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that fits your vehicle and its intended use. Some models of TSCBs feature locking mechanisms, which helps to increase the security of the connection.

Types of Tow Straps

There are a variety of different types of tow straps that can be used with a TSCB. It is important to choose the right type of tow strap for your particular application.

Synthetic Tow Straps: Synthetic tow straps are designed to be lightweight, strong and flexible. They are often made of high-strength materials such as polyester, nylon or kevlar. Synthetic straps are usually used in recreational applications, such as towing boats or snowmobiles.

Leather Tow Straps: Leather tow straps are heavy-duty straps that can handle high levels of stress and strain. They are often used for applications such as towing emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and military vehicles.

Metal Tow Straps: Metal tow straps are extremely strong and are used for heavy-duty towing applications, such as towing large amounts of equipment or vehicles. They are often made from steel or other durable materials.

Using a Tow Strap Cinch Bone

Tow strap cinches are easy to install and use. First, attach the tow strap to the two parts that will be connected. Then, place the looped or triangular shaped end of the TSCB into the receiver on the vehicle being towed. Finally, use a wrench to tighten the TSCB and secure it in place.

It is important to check the tension of the TSCB regularly to ensure that it is secure. If the TSCB is too loose, the strap could slip, which could cause great damage to the vehicle.


Using a tow strap cinch bone is essential to safely tow a vehicle. It is important to choose the correct type of tow strap and size of TSCB for your particular application. Further, it is important to regularly check the tension of the TSCB to ensure that it is secure. Doing so will help to ensure the safety of the vehicle being towed, as well as any people or things in the area.

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