tow strap brz

tow strap brz


The Subaru BRZ has been a favourite among performance car enthusiasts since it was released in 2012. Built by Subaru-Toyota Motor Corporation, the BRZ is notable for its combination of power and efficiency with a sleek, stylish design. One of the most important features for a performance car is its ability to stop quickly and effectively. For this reason, many owners choose to equip their BRZ with a tow strap.

A tow strap allows the owner to take advantage of the stopping capabilities of the BRZ, using the added traction and aking provided by the strap to help slow the car and improve its stopping performance. Installing a tow strap on your BRZ is relatively simple and can be accomplished with basic tools and supplies. In this article, we'll look at how to set up a tow strap on a BRZ and provide some tips for getting the most out of this accessory.

Benefits of Installing a Tow Strap

The main benefit of installing a tow strap on your BRZ is improved stopping power. The tow strap helps increase the traction of the car’s tires, allowing them to grip the road more effectively and provide better aking power. This improvement, in turn, will allow the car to come to a complete stop more quickly and safely.

The added traction and aking performance can also help improve the overall handling of the BRZ. The increased traction provided by the tow strap will allow the car to corner and turn more effectively, meaning faster and smoother driving.

Finally, the tow strap also provides additional support for off-road driving. The extra traction and stopping power provided by the strap is invaluable for navigating challenging surfaces and obstacles.

Installing a Tow Strap on Your BRZ

The first step in installing a tow strap on your BRZ is to locate the anchoring points on the vehicle. The anchor points are commonly located at the front and rear of the car, near the bumper and at the axle. However, depending on the exact model, the specific locations may vary. Once you have determined the placement of the anchors, you can begin to prepare for installation.

You will need a few supplies to install a tow strap on your BRZ. The most important component is the tow strap itself, which can be purchased from any auto parts store or online retailer. You will also need several feet of rubber tubing, zip ties, and a set of wrenches or hex keys.

To begin the installation process, secure one end of the tow strap to the front anchor point, using the rubber tubing and zip ties. Make sure that the strap is firmly attached, as a loose strap could come loose during use.

Next, thread the tow strap through the axle and the rear anchor point. To ensure the strap is properly secured and won’t come loose during use, insert the rubber tubing through the anchor points and secure with zip ties.

Finally, tighten the strap to the appropriate tension. Use the wrenches or hex keys to do this; do not use your hands, as the strap could be damaged if it is tightened too much.


Installing a tow strap on your BRZ is a straightforward process that can be completed with basic tools and supplies. The tow strap will provide you with enhanced aking and traction performance, as well as additional support for off-road driving.

Following the steps in this article and using the appropriate tools and supplies, you should have no trouble installing the tow strap on your BRZ. With the strap properly installed, you can enjoy improved stopping performance and more secure off-road driving.

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