tow strap bolt

tow strap bolt


A tow strap bolt, also known as a tow eye bolt, is a type of fastener offering an efficient way to secure an object for towing or for lashing purposes. It is a versatile product designed for a variety of scenarios, from securing the cargo in the bed of a truck, to lashing loads onto a trailer or securing an auto for towing.

Tow strap bolts have been around for many years, and have proven to be a versatile and reliable way of securing and lashing items. Many different types of tow straps are available now, each offering users a wider choice of uses, materials, and configurations. This article provides an overview and introduction to the basics of a tow strap bolt, offering ief explanations about its components, uses, installation, and safety tips for use.

What is a Tow Strap Bolt?

A tow strap bolt is an extremely versatile fastener designed for a wide variety of uses. They are usually made from galvanized steel and feature a sturdy, looped head which makes them easy to attach to surfaces. To -strap bolts are available in a variety of length, width, and thread-lengths, allowing them to easily be used for a variety of applications.

Tow strap bolts are mainly used for the purposes of lashing and towing, with the metal loop acting as a convenient attachment point. They are highly reliable and, when correctly tensioned, will great sure and hold the load, whatever its size and weight. Because of this, they are often used in the automotive trade, securing cars when they are being towed or hoisted.

How are Tow Strap Bolts Installed?

Tow strap bolts are relatively simple to install, with most models featuring an easy-to-manoeuvre design. Typically, they are installed using hammering or wrenching, depending on the surface they are being attached to. They are often used in pairs or multiple quantities, to provide a double-anchoring point, with the metal loop allowing for secure connection points to be used.

When installing tow strap bolts, it is important to ensure that the threads of the strap bolts match up correctly for a secure fit. If the threads are too large or small, then the strap bolts may work loose, potentially causing the attached object to become damaged or dislodged.

Safety Tips for Using Tow Strap Bolts

Tow strap bolts are designed to be used for a range of applications and purposes, but like any component of a towing operation, care must be taken to ensure that it is used safely.

When using tow strap bolts, it is important to make sure that they are sufficiently tensioned, as this will ensure that they remain secure and properly in place. Over-tensioning or under-tensioning the strap bolt can be a safety hazard, and could potentially lead to the objects being towed becoming detached whilst in transit or during the towing process.

It is also important to ensure that the parts being moved or towed are securely attached and not damaged or oken. It is often safer to use additional measures such as stabilising straps or ratchet straps to ensure that the load is correctly secured, as this can help to reduce the possibility of objects shifting or becoming dislodged during the towing process.


Tow strap bolts are an excellent way of securely lashing or towing items and objects. They can be used for many different purposes and provide an efficient, reliable way of ensuring that the lashing or towing process is safe and secure. When used correctly, with bcause consideration of correct installation methods and safety tips, tow strap bolts are a great way of safely moving or towing objects from one place to another.

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