tow strap accessories

tow strap accessories

Moving an immovable object is never an easy task, especially one as huge and unwieldy as a car. When you need to move a car, there are several different tow strap accessories that can help make the job easier to accomplish. From tow ropes, ratcheting straps, snatch blocks, and more, there is a tow strap accessory for every type of tow situation.

The first tow strap accessory is commonly used for towing cars is tow ropes. These come in various lengths and widths, the largest being able to pull up to 3500 lbs. A good tow rope should be made of top grade, durable material that is able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Tow ropes can also be of different types such as flatline, heavy-duty, and white water ropes. The tow rope’s end can be fitted with either a hook or loop depending on the type of car you are towing.

A more specialized type of tow strap accessory is the ratcheting strap. This strap is designed to be tightened around the towing vehicle with a built-in ratchet mechanism to ensure a secure connection with the vehicle being towed. Ratcheting straps are usually made of a durable polyester blend and are adjustable, allowing for a custom fit around the vehicle. This type of tow strap accessory is best used when towing larger vehicles and boats, as they provide a secure connection without the need to tie off the strap.

Another popular tow strap accessory is the snatch block. This small device attaches to the bumper or tailgate of the vehicle being towed and acts as a pulley to ease the strain on the tow velcro straps. When the vehicle being towed begins to move, the snatch block takes some of the tension off of the truck and reduces the strain on the tow straps. Snatch blocks can also be used to provide a more even pull from the vehicle towing, helping to reduce the chances of any jerking or sudden stops that could occur when towing a vehicle.

The last tow strap accessory is the car tow bar. This device attaches to the front of the tow vehicle and is designed to distribute the pull from the tow straps evenly. This helps to ensure that no part of the car is bearing more weight than the other. Tow bars are usually composed of heavy-duty steel and are adjustable for different types of towing applications.

Having the correct tow strap accessories on hand when towing a car can make a big difference in the success of the mission. Tow ropes, ratcheting straps, snatch blocks, and tow bars are just some of the many tow strap accessories available to help make towing a vehicle much easier and more efficient. No matter the size or type of vehicle you are towing, having the right tow strap accessories on hand will make your job much easier and help to ensure that everything arrives safely.

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