tow sling straps

tow sling straps

Tow sling straps are pieces of equipment used in the transportation, rigging, and loading industry. They are used to secure, hoist, and transport loads in a variety of scenarios. Tow sling straps have been around for centuries, with the use of ropes and chains to hold and move heavy objects being documented as far back as ancient Greece. The modern tow sling strap has evolved to become a sophisticated tool that is often used to safely lift or move cargo that would be too heavy or awkward for a single person to handle.

Tow sling straps come in a variety of styles and materials, with many being made from heavy-duty webbing or synthetic faic to grant them strength and flexibility. The most common types are flat webbing slings, round-slings, and choker-style slings. They are designed to be looped or secured around a cargo item, and the working parts must be taken into account when calculating their capacity or working load limit (WLL). WLL defines the maximum amount of weight that a tow sling strap can safely handle without exceeding its elasticity, durability, or strength. When selecting a tow sling strap, its WLL must be compatible with the intended load weight.

Flat webbing slings are commonly used in the transportation industry, and they can be formed into either a single- or double-choker style. This type of strap is wide and flat, and it is often constructed in accordance with the applicable safety standards.

The round slings are a type of fixed-length tow sling strap. They are normally manufactured using heavy-duty synthetic webbing with a protective outer covering, and they are very useful when the load is required to be hoisted from a different angle. They must be securely connected to the load before being lifted, as the lack of a choker configuration means that the load must be lifted safely and evenly from each end of the strap.

Finally, a choker-style tow sling strap is a U-shaped strap that is connected at each end by a hook or shackle. Once the two ends of the sling are attached to a load it can be safely hoisted from all angles, as the lifting force is distributed evenly around the circumference of the strap.

Tow sling straps are indispensable when it comes to the handling, rigging, and transporting of large, bulky, or awkward loads. While they can be used in a variety of settings and scenarios, they must be chosen and used in accordance with the intended application and in accordance with the operational instructions. As such, it is important that users take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions and become familiar with the applicable regulations and safety guidelines. Doing so will ensure that tow sling straps are used safely and effectively, thus helping to protect both the cargo and its handlers.

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