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Automated Cars and the Future of Driving

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and integrates into our daily lives in ever more pervasive ways, automated cars - those that are capable of driving without the assistance of a human operator - are becoming a more and more possible reality. Automated cars have the potential to represent a real revolution in the way that people travel. From reducing the kind of gridlock that plague many of the world’s most congested cities to potentially eliminating road-related fatalities, there is a vast array of benefits that could accompany the rise of automated cars.

The development of automated cars has been ongoing for some time now. Waymo, an American subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. that specializes in the development of driverless cars, launched a free public trial of its automated car technology in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2018. Alphabet Inc. is a tech giant with deep pockets and a penchant for innovation, so Waymo’s efforts should be seen as a bellwether for the future of automated cars.

Despite the potentially revolutionary implications of automated car technology, it is still important to recognize its limits. For example, while automated cars are definitely capable of reducing gridlock, their effectiveness at doing so is limited by the fact that they can only drive straight - that is to say, they cannot make complex turns and maneuvers. Additionally, many of the benefits of automated cars are only likely to be fully realized when a large number of drivers are using them, as this will reduce the chances of accidents between automated cars and ones driven by humans.

In addition to recognizing their limits, it is also important to consider the ethical implications of automated cars. For instance, in the event of an accident, who should be held responsible for the damage? Additionally, when the automated car is engaged, who should ultimately be responsible for the decisions the automated car makes? These are important questions that have yet to be answered.

Ultimately, automated cars could dramatically reduce commuting times and reduce fatalities on the roads. However, the potential limitations of the technology in addition to the yet-to-be-answered ethical questions should give us pause. While automated car technology is clearly advancing and scientific eakthroughs can potentially be expected in the near future, we should apply caution and discernment when considering the potential implications of automated cars.

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