tow hook tow strap

tow hook tow strap

Tow Hooks Tow Straps

Tow hooks and straps are essential items of equipment for anybody who operates a vehicle – be it a car, truck, van or even a trailer. They are used when a vehicle needs to be towed, usually due to it being stuck on some form of terrain, such as mud, a hill, snow, or deep water. In such cases, the tow hook or strap is the only way to safely move the vehicle to its destination without causing significant damage to either the towing vehicle or the one being towed.

A Tow Hook looks like a large looped hook, typically made of metal, and is designed to attach onto the towed vehicle's frame using a hitch pin. It allows the towed vehicle to be pulled securely in a straight line, and it can be secured to the towing vehicle with an appropriate safety chain or tow rope.

Tow Straps, on the other hand, are normally made from a woven synthetic material that is both strong and flexible. They are looped around the towed vehicle and attached to the towing vehicle, and all that is required is for the tension to be adjusted so the vehicle can be pulled securely. They are typically used in pulling heavier loads than could be towed with a tow hook, and are also used in recovery from deep water or other difficult terrain.

The primary benefit of using a tow hook or strap is the reduced chance of damage to either towing vehicle or the one being towed. In particular, much of the force exerted during the towing process is transferred through the tow hook or strap, which centralises the strain and avoids damage caused by more traditional towing techniques – such as using a rope or a chain attached directly between the two vehicles.

In addition, using a tow hook or strap carries the added benefit of time-saving. Experienced recovery personnel will be able to quickly and efficiently attach the towing equipment to the stricken vehicle, thus saving wasted time and valuable resources.

It is important that the size of the tow hook or strap is appropriate to the weight of the vehicle being towed and the distance to be covered. For instance, when towing across a short distance, a light vehicle could be pulled securely with a short 2” strap. Conversely, when towing over a longer distance – such as over several miles – a heavier-duty 5” strap would be more appropriate. This may seem like a minor point, but it could save a great deal of effort during the recovery process.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the material used in the tow hook or strap. If the item is too light and flimsy, not only could it cause damage to the vehicles in the way of scratches or dents, but it could also eak, thus causing serious injury to the personnel operating the rigging. Many manufacturers offer products that are specifically designed for towing, and their items are made of appropriately strong and durable materials, making them safe and reliable.

In short, tow hooks and straps can be essential pieces of equipment for a successful vehicle recovery or towing process. Used correctly, they can not only help to avoid damage to vehicles, but can also save precious time in the process. It is vital, however, that the size and quality of the tow hook or strap is appropriate to the weight of the vehicle and the distance to be travelled.

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