tow hook strap

tow hook strap


A tow hook strap, also known as a tow rope or tow line, is a vital tool for anyone who transports or tows large or heavy objects. Although there are several different types of straps available for towing, tow hook straps are the most reliable and rugged option for a wide range of applications. They are relatively inexpensive, simple to use, and provide a secure connection between two anchors that are bolted together to create a robust system.

In this article, we will discuss the function of a tow hook strap, the different types available, and how to use them correctly. We will also include safety tips and compare them to other towing options.

What is a Tow Hook Strap?

A tow hook strap is a flexible length of webbing with enhanced tensile strength and an end piece fastened to either end that can be connected to two sturdy anchors. The straps are typically made from nylon, which is renowned for its strength, flexibility, chemical and UV resistance, and low cost. Some straps are wrapped in a hydrophobic, aasion-resistant lining for heavy-duty applications or extreme weather conditions.

The securement part of the strap can vary too. Buckles, hooks, or carabiner clips are some of the options available to provide a secure connection between the two anchors.

Types of Tow Hook Strap

There are several different types of straps and accessories available to choose from depending on the size of the load being towed, the expected conditions it will need to cope with, and the cost.

1. Ratchet straps: these are the most popular type of tow hook straps and are ideal for lighter to medium-weight loads. They feature a ratchet handle on one end and a spring-loaded ratchet on the other end. Once the ratchet is tightened to the desired tension, a lever releases it for easy adjustment of the tension.

2. Wire rope slings and flat webbing slings: these are designed for heavy-duty applications and feature a solid loop of wire rope or flat nylon webbing at each end. This provides a dependable connection between the two anchors and is suitable for towing objects up to 5,000 pounds.

3. Vehicle winch straps: these straps are specially designed for towing vehicles on trailers and use two soft loops with a steel hook on one end and an adjustable ratchet on the other.

How to use a Tow Hook Strap

Using a tow hook strap is relatively simple, but it's important to take the right steps to ensure the load is safely and securely connected.

1. Choose the right size and type of tow hook strap. Generally, it's best to use the strongest strap with the highest quality fastening system available.

2. Make sure that the anchors are securely attached to the load and towing vehicle. It's important to check that the anchors are strong enough to support the load and that the fasteners are torque- rated for the size of the load being towed.

3. Attach the tow hook strap to the anchors. Start by threading one end of the strap through the loop or hook on the first anchor. Then, pull the other end of the strap through the loop or hook on the second anchor.

4. Secure the hook strap. The hook straps should be tight enough to support the load, but not so tight that they damage it. If using a ratchet system, take care to make sure that the ratchet handle is engaged correctly and the tension is evenly spread across the straps.

5. Use caution when towing. Always make sure that the load is secure and that the tow hook straps are not stretched as this can cause them to fail. Also, make sure that the straps are properly stowed away when not in use.

Safety Tips

It's important to take appropriate safety measures when using a tow hook strap. Always check the straps for any signs of damage or wear. If in doubt, replace them. Also, be sure to keep the load close to the towing vehicle and trailer to reduce the strain on the hook strap.

In addition, take care when setting up the hook strap:

• Make sure that the hook strap is well-positioned and that it will not slip when under pressure.

• If possible, it's best to use a second strap to provide additional support and stability.

• Make sure that the anchor points are strong and securely attached to the load and towing vehicle.

• Always check to see that the ratchet handle is correctly engaged and the correct tension is applied.

• Use a soft loop to reduce the risk of cuts or burns caused by sharp corners on the strap or harness. This is especially important when towing a vehicle.


A tow hook strap is an essential tool for anyone who tows large or heavy objects as it provides a secure connection between two anchors. There is a wide variety of tow hook straps available, made from different materials and suitable for various applications. However, it’s important to ensure that the strap is suitable for the load and is attached using the correct method to ensure a safe and secure connection. Above all, it’s essential to follow the safety guidelines and use caution when towing to minimize the risk of damage or injury.

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