tow hitch strap

tow hitch strap

The Hitch Strap

As more and more vehicle owners look for a more efficient way to transport their items, attaching something to the back of their vehicle has become a common choice. Whether it is items for a move or to move a new piece of furniture, a secure way to load items to the back of a vehicle is important to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads. With this in mind, the concept of the hitch strap was born.

The hitch strap is a simple yet versatile tool which attaches to a hitch and allows items to be securely tied to the back of a vehicle. It fits to a wide variety of different sizes of hitch receivers, allowing for a universal fit for almost any car or truck. The strap itself is often constructed from durable nylon or polyethylene webbing, and this is connected to a hook and ratchet assembly which locks firmly in position when tension is applied and the trigger is released.

The unit has two different parts, the webbing and the ratchet assembly, and combining the two can result in a secure load which can easily be adjusted and tightened across a variety of items. Commonly this is used to tie bikes, kayaks, canoes and other large items that need to be moved. The webbing is also available in both standard and heavy-duty variants, with twelve feet of standard and fifteen feet of heavy-duty being the most common sizes, allowing for a variety of different applications of the tool.

When attaching the strap to the hitch of a vehicle, it is important to make sure that the locking mechanism is securely locked in place and the webbing is pulled tight. This will ensure that the items are secured correctly and increases the safety rating of the whole process. Often, the webbing of the strap itself will have reflective strips woven into them, allowing other drivers on the road to identify that something is being loaded, even at night.

In conclusion, the hitch strap is a versatile and simple tool which is becoming increasingly popular for managing items loading on to the back of vehicles.

The strap is easy to attach and provides added security to a variety of different items as they are transported, increasing safety on the roads as well as making the whole process more efficient. The use of the webbing and ratchet assembly allow for the unit to be properly secured and tensioned, making it a very dependable and secure piece of equipment. With different sizes and strengths available, it is perfect for a variety of different applications and provides users with a great tool to make the loading experience much easier and more secure.

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