tow dolly wheel tie down straps

tow dolly wheel tie down straps

Towing dolly wheel tie down straps are a critical part of any towing job. Not only do they secure the dolly to the vehicle being towed, but they also keep the wheels of the towed vehicle from moving independently, potentially resulting in catastrophic accidents. Depending on the type of towing job and the weights involved, there are a variety of towing dolly wheel tie down straps available.

The most common type of towing dolly wheel tie down straps is the ratchet strap, which is used to secure the towed vehicle to the towing dolly. The ratchet strap is composed of two pieces of strap attached by a buckle. The back strap is passed around the outer part of the towing dolly wheel, while the front strap goes around the front of the tire of the vehicle being towed. The two ends of the straps are then fed through the buckle and tightened by a ratcheting mechanism. The amount of tension applied to the straps depends on the size of the tires and the weight of the vehicle being towed.

For heavier towing jobs, chain style straps are a more secure and heavier-duty option. Whereas ratchet straps require the user to tension the straps manually, chain loop straps can be tensioned with a ratchet or other mechanical device. Chain loops are fed through the tire and then looped through the chain. This loop is then secured to the towing dolly by a spring-loaded catch. Chain style straps provide superior stability and security and are more resistant to weathering, making them the preferred choice for more rough-and-tumble towing jobs.

For lighter-duty towing jobs, cargo straps are a more suitable option. Cargo straps are made from a single piece of webbing and feature a steel criss-cross support system. The strap wraps around the tire of the vehicle being towed and then buckles around the towing dolly. The amount of tension needed is determined by the size of the vehicle and the weight being towed. Cargo straps are generally not suited for heavier towing jobs, such as recreational vehicles, and should only be used on lightweight towing jobs.

Finally, combination straps, or hyid straps, are designed to provide an even more secure tie down for heavier towing jobs. These straps combine the strength and stability of chain style straps with the flexibility of cargo straps. The hyid straps are fed through the tire and then through a ratchet loop mechanism. The strap can then be tightened for a secure tie down and is suitable for even the heaviest and most difficult towing jobs.

Regardless of the type of strap or towing job, the primary purpose of towing dolly wheel tie down straps is to provide a secure tie down that will allow the towed vehicle to remain stationary while being towed. No matter which type of strap is used, it is important to make sure they are properly adjusted, especially when towing heavier vehicles. A properly adjusted strap will ensure the safety of the tow vehicle, its load, and the driver and passengers.

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