tow dolly straps for sale

tow dolly straps for sale


The capacity of towing vehicles and trailers has revolutionized the transport industry. One of the most widely used materials for tow dolly straps and towing accessories is polyester webbing. Some of the advantages of polyester webbing compared to other materials are its low cost, light weight and strength. Polyester webbing can be used to secure wide varieties of objects such as containers, boats, campers and industrial materials, as it has a eaking strength far greater than its own weight. This article will discuss the types of polyester webbing straps and accessories used for towing vehicles and trailers, as well as the pros and cons of using them.

Types of Polyester Webbing Tow Straps

Polyester webbing tow straps for towing vehicles and trailers come in various sizes and styles. The most common types are flat straps, round straps, and reinforced, heavy-duty straps.

Flat straps are made of smooth, flat polyester webbing. They come in a variety of lengths and widths, making them suitable for use in light to medium-duty towing applications. The straps are often stabilized with rivets or stitched on each end to create handles for easy maneuvering.

Round straps are constructed from a helically wound core of polyester webbing. They are stronger than flat straps and are therefore suitable for applications where increased strength is required. Some round straps come equipped with hooks for attaching to a variety of tow hitch types.

Reinforced, heavy-duty straps are designed for use in extreme towing situations. They are made from thick layers of polyester webbing and are often wrapped in aasion-resistant materials such as leather or oilskin. These straps can be used for large and heavy towing applications, and can even be used to tow large boarding ramps and ladders.

Pros of Using Polyester Webbing Tow Straps

Polyester webbing tow straps have a number of advantages over other types of towing straps. The major benefit of using polyester tow straps is their durability and strength. They are resistant to stretching and tearing and have a eaking strength far greater than the weight they are holding. Because they are lightweight and easy to handle, they are ideal for short distances and lighter towing applications. They are also easier to store and maintain compared to their steel counterparts, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

Cons of Using Polyester Webbing Tow Straps

Although polyester webbing tow straps are strong and durable, they are not recommended for heavy-duty towing applications. They are not as corrosion-resistant as steel straps, and therefore will not last as long under constant exposure to the elements. Furthermore, the weight of the objects being towed could cause them to stretch, reducing the strength of the straps over time.


Polyester webbing tow straps are ideal for light and medium towing applications, as their light weight and strength make them easy to handle. However, they are not recommended for heavy-duty towing applications, as they are more susceptible to stretching and tearing. To ensure the safety of any towing operation, it is important to select the proper tow straps and accessories.

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