tow and recovery strap

tow and recovery strap


When you think of a towing and recovery strap, a few things come in to mind. The towing and recovery strap is an essential item for any driver when it comes to getting out of a sticky situation in the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking part in off-roading or traveling through rough terrain, this strap can help you get unstuck and save the day.

For those unfamiliar with towing and recovery straps, they are basically pieces of strong webbing or a sturdy nylon material that has loops or hooks on each end, each end anchoring into a secure point. The strap is used to tie vehicles together, or the heavier vehicle may tow the other. This is useful for towing a car out of a ditch or pulling a stuck vehicle out of mud. They are also used regularly by towing companies, helping to safely transport a damaged vehicle from point A to point B.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of using a towing and recovery strap. We’ll also explore some guidelines to follow when you’re using a strap and what points to consider before you head out with one.


A towing and recovery strap is an essential piece of equipment to have with you when driving on rough terrain. This strap is used to tie two vehicles together, which allows the heavier vehicle to pull the other one when necessary. This is often used in hooking a vehicle that has become stuck in mud, sand, or snow. It is also used by towing companies to transport a damaged vehicle.

To properly use a towing and recovery strap, you will need a good anchor point such as solid steel bars, a secure hook, or a strong tree. It is critical to ensure that both ends of the strap are securely attached and that the strap is not too tight. Additionally, you should use a set of shackles to attach the towing ring or hook to the vehicle, in order for the strap to be able to be removed if needed.

Once a secure anchor point is established and the strap is properly attached, you can then apply a steady and consistent pulls on the strap. It is important to be careful and aware of how tight the strap is when you are pulling, as this is a common cause of damage to vehicles or personal injury.


The following guidelines can help you use a towing and recovery strap safely and effectively:

1. Ensure that both vehicles are in park and that the emergency akes are engaged, as this will discourage both vehicles from moving while in use.

2. Check the strap before use, to make sure that it is not damaged or frayed.

3. Securely attach both ends of the strap to an anchor point, such as a steel bar, hook, or tree.

4. When attaching the strap to the vehicle, use a shackle to ensure that the ring or hook can be easily released if needed.

5. Make sure that the strap is not too tight when pulling the vehicles, as this can cause the strap to eak or cause damage to the cars.

6. Apply a steady and consistent pull on the strap and be sure not to overload it.


In conclusion, the towing and recovery strap is an essential item to have with you anytime you’re on the road and dealing with harsh terrain. Knowing how to properly use this device and following the guidelines outlined above will help to ensure your safety and success in any towing situation. With the right preparation, you will be able to get out of any sticky situation.

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