tire straps for tow dolly

tire straps for tow dolly

Maintaining and Properly Using Tire Straps For Tow Dollies One of the most important aspects of safely towing a vehicle is the use of quality, secure and proper tire straps for the tow dolly. Investing in the right type of tow straps and ensuring they are always in good repair can have a significant impact on the safety of a towing operation. This article will look at what tow straps are, how and why they are used, and how to properly maintain them.

What are Tire Straps? Tire straps are designed to keep a vehicle’s wheels firmly secured so there is no movement or shifting during towing. They usually consist of heavy-duty webbing, such as polyester or nylon, with two metal hooks that easily attach to the wheel rims and typically secure with a ratchet mechanism. Tie down straps may also feature steel rings for attaching the straps to the tow dolly and devices to secure the excess webbing to prevent damage.

Why are Tire Straps Necessary for Tow Dollies?

Tire straps are absolutely necessary for tow dollies in order to ensure safe towing and reduce risks to the vehicle and other drivers on the road. Not only will they help prevent the vehicle from shifting or becoming loose while being towed, they also keep the wheels firmly in place, reducing the possibility of them wobbling while in motion. Additionally, as tow dollies have no akes, having the tires properly strapped may also help provide additional aking during an emergency.

How to Properly Maintain Tire Straps

In order to ensure that the tire straps you use in your towing operations will remain in good condition, it is important to properly maintain them. This means regularly checking for rips or tears in the webbing, fraying of the straps, and corrosion on the metal hooks and hardware. Any exposed corner edges of the hardware should also be smoothly sanded down so that they don't snag on other components.

It is important to also keep the straps clean and dry – both for safety reasons and so that the webbing and hardware don’t become ittle or corrode. If you’re using straps in wet climates, it is a good idea to use polyester or nylon straps, as these materials are more resistant to corrosion than other types.

Other Tips

There are a few other important tips to keep in mind when using tire straps with a tow dolly. Firstly, be sure to use the right size straps for the vehicle you’re towing. If the strap is too long, it will be difficult to keep the wheels firmly in place, and if it’s too short, it won’t provide enough tension. You should also always make sure to secure the straps and wheels as firmly as possible. This ensures that the vehicle is properly secured and won’t come loose during towing. Additionally, if you’re using a two-hook system, be sure to wrap the excess webbing around the bottom hook in order to keep the upper hook securely in place.

Finally, it is essential to check the straps and wheels after each use and replace any worn or damaged components. Never use worn or damaged straps or hardware, as it can be dangerous and put both your vehicle and other drivers at risk.


The use of tire straps is an essential component of safely towing a vehicle with a tow dolly. It is important to invest in quality straps and take the time to properly install and maintain them. Additionally, it is essential to check the straps before and after each tow and replace worn or damaged straps or hardware. By following these tips, you can help ensure that you and your vehicle remain safe during towing operations.

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