tgl tow strap

tgl tow strap

Tow straps are a highly effective securing device that has a wide range of uses from towing vehicles, ensuring items are lodged securely onto the back of a trailer or simply just providing extra security and safety assurance. Primarily designed to be used to tow vehicles in situations such as getting a car out of a ditch or pulling a car out of difficult terrain, tow straps have become increasingly popular in more recent years as more and more people are finding various other uses for them.

One of the most sought after uses for tow straps is for recreation, such as having a fun day out with friends, or for contractors who use them to secure and haul heavier loads, both items and vehicles, safely from one job site to the next. The strength, stretchability, and affordability of tow straps makes them an invaluable asset to many businesses and individuals.

The uses for tow straps can vary drastically, depending on the strength, thickness and material used. Most straps start at a minimum of one inch width and can range up to four inches or more, with various lengths available depending on the intended purpose.

The material that is used in the manufacturing of tow straps is the key factor in its ability to securely hold the various pieces of equipment without causing any damage, with materials such as polyester and nylon being strong yet flexible alternatives. Both materials have the ability to stretch up to 20 to 30 percent of their original length, enabling them to be easily wrapped around items both large and small, and also reduces pressure on the materials and the items being towed or attached.

Another key consider when choosing the right tow strap for your requirements, is the strength rating of the strap. These ratings indicate the tension the strap can take when pulled or put under pressure and is measured in kilograms or pounds. As a general rule of thumb, the wider the strap, the stronger it will be.

Before actually performing a towing job, it is important to firstly understand the weight capacity required for the job at hand. Factors such as the weight of the car being towed, the trailer to be secured (if applicable) and the distance of the towing job should all be taken into account. It is always better to error on the side of caution and use a stronger, better quality tow strap, than using a poor quality strap that may not have the weight capacity that is needed.

When using tow straps, ensure that they have been adequately inspected prior to use and have not suffered any wear and tear or cuts over their lifespan. It is also important to make sure straps are looked after after each use, which can be done by storing them in a dry place and protecting them from direct sunlight.

Having used the appropriate strength tow strap for the job at hand and following the proper advice for installation and care, you will see many benefits from your purchase and also protect yourself, others and your equipment from potential harm.

Tow straps are an invaluable option for people who frequently tow items or vehicles, offering safety, security and reliability. From a towing job to haul your new piece of furniture, to a fun day out with friends on the water, tow straps are a cost effective and easy to use item that will assist with a wide range of tasks.

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