350z tow strap install

350z tow strap install


Z Tow Strap Installation


Installing a tow strap to your Nissan 350z is an essential piece of equipment for road trips and emergencies. It can be used to move your car if it is stuck in an inconvenient location, such as mud, snow or ice, or for rescue in the event of an accident. You must select a tow strap of the correct size and strength, positioning it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Safety is paramount, so it is recommended that you thoroughly inspect the strap and all of its hardware before deploying.


• Tow strap • Design-rated tow hooks (optional) • Vice grips • Wrenches • Screwdrivers • Ratchet • Washers • Bolts


1. Secure the vehicle in a safe location, in neutral gear and with the parking ake engaged.

2. Measure the tow points on your truck and purchase a tow strap of the appropriate size and strength. Make sure that it is made of quality material and has a manufacturer's tag, indicating its design rating and safety information.

3. Locate the tow points on your Nissan 350z. The frame, or pre-drilled metal ackets, has attachment points for the tow strap.

4. Clean the area of any dirt or deis and attach the tow strap to the tow point.

5. If you are using a design-rated tow hook, install the hook on the tow point and secure it with washers and bolts.

6. Connect the other end of the tow strap to the other vehicle or tow vehicle.

7. Make sure the tow strap is taut and check for any fraying of the strap before connecting it and beginning the tow.


Installing a tow strap on your Nissan 350z is an important safety procedure. Make sure to inspect the strap and all of its hardware before deployment. Make sure to secure the vehicle beforehand and fasten the strap to the appropriate points. This will ensure a smooth tow and prevent any damage to the car. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when attaching the tow strap and towing the car.

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