stretch tow strap

stretch tow strap

An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Stretch Tow Strap

Towing can be a convenient and essential component of vehicle ownership. It can help those who need to tow larger items that cannot fit in the back of a regular vehicle, as well as people who need to tow a disabled vehicle. To get the job done, a stretch tow strap is necessary. Choosing the right one is important. Here is an ultimate guide to choosing the right stretch tow strap.

Types Of Tow Straps

The first step to selecting the right stretch tow strap is to decide which type is best for the task at hand. There are many different types with different features, so having a good idea of what is needed can save time.

First, there are basic tow straps. These are made of durable nylon and are designed to help move light and medium loads. They usually have eye-hooks at the end, making them easy to attach to a tow vehicle. Some of the more advanced straps feature safety hooks or safety cables at the end, which are designed to prevent slipping.

Next, there are tow ropes. These are made of thick rope, provide added flexibility, and can withstand heavier loads. They also often come with hooks for easy attachment, but without the safety features found on straps.

Finally, there are stretch tow straps. These are the most popular type, as they have the flexibility to move heavier loads without fear of overstretching. They often have hooks to hold the vehicle in position when towing, and can also feature extra layers of reinforcement and safety features.

Size And Weight Capacity

When selecting a stretch tow strap, it is important to consider the size and weight capacity. Carefully measure the length that is needed, as straps come in various sizes. The size is important, as it will affect how much weight the strap can handle and how safely it can be used.

The weight capacity also needs to be considered. This will vary greatly by and and model, so checking the maximum weight capacity should be done when selecting a strap. It is always recommended to choose a strap with a higher capacity than is needed, as this will provide extra peace of mind while towing.

Strength And Safety Features

When towing, safety is the number one priority. This is why it is important to consider the strength and safety features of a strap before purchasing. The strength of a strap should be taken into account, as a higher strength strap will be better able to handle higher weight loads.

It is also important to consider the safety features of a stretch tow strap. Many straps feature safety hooks, safety cables, and multiple layers of reinforcement for added protection. Taking the time to check for these features can go a long way in ensuring that a safe towing experience.


It is also important to consider how a stretch tow strap will be installed onto a vehicle. Some straps come with mounting hardware, while others have pre-drilled holes. Either way, make sure to check to ensure that a strap can be easily and securely attached to a tow vehicle before purchasing.

Finally, it is also important to consider cost. There is a wide range of prices for tow straps, so take the time to determine how much can be spent before committing to a purchase. Keep in mind that the more expensive the strap, the better the quality and safety features it will likely have.


Tow straps are an essential part of towing, so it is important to select the right one. A stretch tow strap is the most popular type, as it offers the needed flexibility to move heavier loads without fear of overstretching. When selecting a strap, it is important to consider types, size and weight capacity, strength and safety features, installation, and cost. Taking the time to properly research these factors will ensure that the right stretch tow strap is chosen for the job.

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