sti rear tow strap

sti rear tow strap


Rear tow straps are popularly used for towing heavier vehicles such as trucks, SUV’s, and vans. This type of towing device typically has two parts: the connecting strap which attaches to the hitch of the vehicle being towed, and the loop which attaches the other end of the strap to the tow vehicle. Rear tow straps should always be used with caution and safety must always be observed.

When choosing a rear tow strap, it’s essential to consider a few factors before purchase. First, consider the type of vehicle you are towing; for instance, larger vehicles require stronger and thicker straps. Examine the strap’s material; nylon and polyester are both durable and will provide sufficient strength. Secondly, pay attention to the length of the strap; the longer it is, the easier it will be to maneuver the vehicle around obstacles. Lastly, check for the load capacity of the strap; the maximum load capacity of the strap should be higher than the gross weight of the vehicle you are towing. Also, be sure the strap is certified for use with the specific vehicle, and that the straps are approved for emergency towing.

In order to install the rear tow strap, first, locate the hitch on the vehicle being towed and attach the connecting strap to the hitch. Next, locate the hitch on the tow vehicle and attach the loop of the strap to it. Tighten both ends of the loop to ensure a secure fit. Ensure that there is no slack in the strap and that it is not stretched taut. If either end is stretched taut, the strap will be under unnecessary tension and may cause a eak.

Once the strap has been attached, use a ratchet to secure the two ends of the strap together and make sure they are firmly connected. Do not apply force to either of the two points as this can put excessive tension on the strap and cause it to eak. Also, check the condition of both vehicles before towing; any parts that are loose or not functioning correctly should be fixed or replaced before attempting a towing maneuver.

While towing, always adhere to special care instructions. Do not drive at an excessive speed; this can damage the car being towed and the strap itself. Make sure to take corners and maneuver obstacles slowly so as not to put undue strain on either vehicle or the strap. Also, check the strap intermittently to make sure the connection is still secure. If any part of the strap looks worn or frayed, replace it immediately and prior to towing.

Finally, consider investing in a storage bag or container specifically designed for towing straps as this can help ensure that your strap remains in good condition when it is not in use. Additionally, always pay attention to the local and provincial laws concerning towing; knowing and following such laws can save you time, money, and additional stress.

Rear tow straps can be an invaluable addition to any vehicle. In the event that the unthinkable happens and you find yourself needing to tow a vehicle, you’ll want to make sure you have a rear tow strap and the ability to put it to use. Knowing the basics of use and safety of rear tow straps and learning how to properly install, maintain, and store them will ensure your peace of mind and keep you, your belongings, and fellow drivers safe.

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