stehl tow dolly straps

stehl tow dolly straps


Tow Dollies: Flexible, Effective Alternatives to Hitching a Trailer

When most people think of towing vehicles, they automatically think of large trailers. But, a tow dolly is an increasingly popular solution for towing a car that offers many advantages that a trailer simply can’t. Tow dollies use straps or chains to secure a vehicle to the frame of the dolly. These straps or chains need to be in good condition to ensure the vehicle is properly secured.

What Is A Tow Dolly?

In short, a tow dolly is a platform towing vehicle designed to transport another vehicle. It allows the drivable vehicle to pull up onto the dolly’s base and be transported on the lower set of wheels. This method helps the towed vehicle to remain more stable than it would be on a trailer. This type of towing usually requires a class III vehicle hitch, which is used in place of the standard trailer hitch.

Advantages of Tow Dollies

Tow dollies offer a few advantages to towing vehicles that trailers don’t. One of the most significant benefits is the fact that they can be considerably less expensive than trailers. Because they don’t require a aking system, their cost tends to be lower.

In addition, because the towed vehicle’s own transmission is used, the fuel economy of the dolly will be better than a trailer, as no additional power is necessary. This can also be beneficial, as fuel costs can quickly add up when towing.

Finally, tow dollies tend to be smaller and lighter than trailers, making them easier to maneuver. For this reason, they’re especially helpful in tighter spaces, like parking garages and campgrounds.

Choosing the Right Tow Dolly

When choosing a tow dolly, it’s important to pay attention to its overall size. Make sure the dolly you select can accommodate the measurements of the vehicle you are towing. In addition, you’ll need to look for a model that has the proper load capacity. This capacity must be greater than the overall weight of the vehicle that needs to be towed.

It’s also important to consider the dolly’s design and construction. Look for an option that is constructed with heavy steel that is reinforced in key areas, such as the connection points between the base and the frame. The dolly should also offer adjustability, allowing you to customize the fit of the straps or chains used to secure the vehicle to the platform.

Lastly, strongly consider the various towing accessories available. Investing in high quality tow dolly straps helps ensure that the vehicle is securely fastened to the platform. Similarly, wheel nets can be used to ensure that the towed car’s wheelbase is firmly held against the dolly.

In Summary

Though many of us consider hitching a trailer when it comes to towing, a tow dolly is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. This type of towing vehicle offers not only a more affordable solution, but also offers a range of benefits, such as improved fuel economy and a smaller footprint than a trailer can provide. When choosing a tow dolly, make sure to select a model that can accommodate the vehicle you are towing, offers a suitable load capacity, and provides high-quality towing accessories.

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