stay there tow strap

stay there tow strap

Tow Straps: Your Must-Have for Any Vehicle

Tow straps are an essential piece of equipment for any vehicle owner. Whether you're transporting bulky cargo on a trailer, towing a car behind your truck, or helping out a friend when their car eaks down, tow straps are an invaluable tool. In addition to having obvious uses, tow straps open up a world of possibilities, whether you need to transport an RV or watercraft, or just help out in an emergency.

Given their importance, it is necessary to understand what a tow strap is and gain an appreciation for its uses. This article seeks to explain why tow straps are such a beneficial tool, explore what they are and what they do, and then to provide guidance on the features they should have, as well as safety tips.

What is a tow strap?

A tow strap is a heavy-duty piece of webbing with reinforced loops or hooks on either end. The loops or hooks are designed for attaching to the frame or bumper of the vehicle being towed. The webbing itself is made from nylon or polyester and is designed to stretch, absorbing shock to help protect the vehicle frame and tow vehicle from damage. The webbing should also be aasion and weather-resistant to stand up to any difficulties that may arise from being exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays.

What can tow straps be used for?

Tow straps are extremely diverse pieces of equipment. Their most obvious use is attaching to another vehicle and towing it, but they can also be used in a variety of other scenarios. You can attach tow straps to trailers, recreational vehicles, watercraft, and more. They are especially useful on low-clearance surfaces because the heavy-duty webbing provides more than enough cushion to maintain the necessary clearance.

Tow straps can also be used for securing cargo, both on trailers and in the back of your pickup truck. They provide an excellent way to guarantee your load isn’t going to move around and end up spilling out onto the road. And if you have items that are too large or heavy to lay flat, tow straps also offer a great solution.

What features should a tow strap have?

When looking for a tow strap, there are certain features you should keep an eye out for. Start by looking at the webbing — it should be made from high-strength materials such as nylon or polyester that can handle the necessary load. The straps should also be waterproof, resistant to aasions and tears, and non-stretchable.

The attached loops or hooks should also be crafted from robust materials, such as steel or vinyl. These materials should ideally be plated with zinc to reduce corrosion, as well as to protect from weathering. Furthermore, the loops or hooks should be mechanically locked to ensure they won’t come undone.

Safety tips for using a tow strap

Before using a tow strap, there are a few precautionary measures you should take. For starters, you should always keep watch to make sure the strap isn’t fraying along the edges, or on any other part. If you find fraying or wear along any part of the strap, replace it before using it.

Prior to attaching the strap, be sure to inspect the attaching points of the vehicle and ensure there is no deterioration or damage. Make sure you are using the right size strap and attaching it to the appropriate points, and avoid overloading the strap beyond its capacity. Lastly, be sure to watch the tow strap while you are driving, and if you see it rubbing, adjust it or stop and re-attach it altogether.


Tow straps are must-have items for anyone who owns or drives a vehicle. The heavy-duty webbing and reinforcing loops or hooks make them the perfect tool for towing or transporting cargo for a variety of purposes.

When selecting a tow strap, look for one with high-quality webbing that is aasion- and weather-resistant, as well as plated loops or hooks. Prior to using, be sure to inspect the tow strap for fraying and inspect the attaching points for deterioration or damage. Lastly, keep watch while you are driving, and make adjustments if the strap is rubbing.

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