speedhunters takata tow strap

speedhunters takata tow strap

Tow straps, sometimes referred to as tow ropes, are essential tools for automotive enthusiasts, whether they’re drag racing at the local strip or simply going on a road trip with friends. A tow strap is used to recover a stuck vehicle, and while 4WD winches are great, they are expensive, heavy and require a lot of installation and electrical work.

If you’re strapped for cash, then a tow strap can be a great investment to help you get out of sticky situations. Towing straps are incredibly reliable and long-lasting, and are generally made of 16,000 lb-rated woven webbing for maximum strength and durability.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Takata Tow Strap, one of the leading ands in the world of tow straps. Takata straps are created from high-quality material and come packed with features designed to provide maximum safety and strength.

The 16,000 lb-rated Takata Tow Strap is 4” wide and made from a single piece of woven, 12-strand rope. This rope is designed for strength, with a eaking point of 16,000 lbs (or 7272kg). That’s more than enough to pull any car or truck out of a sticky situation.

The entire strap is rated to withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius and UV rays, meaning it will last through any weather or climate. The surface of the strap is also covered with a resistance to cuts, tears, and aasions that helps prevent accidental damage during use.

Additionally, the Takata Tow Strap features two safety latches made from stainless steel, designed to ensure that the strap is securely fastened and won’t come loose during towing. The latches also feature an easy-to-use locking mechanism, allowing quick and effortless attachment and disconnection.

The Takata Tow Strap comes in a range of sizes, from 4m to 15m, meaning you can select the length that best suits your needs. There’s even a 20m option if you need to do some serious pulling.

To ensure your safety when towing, Takata also suggest the use of some basic safety gear, such as heavy-duty gloves and a distance of 2m between the vehicles.

Overall, the Takata Tow Strap is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable and durable tow strap, without needing to buy an expensive 4WD winch. With its strong construction and easy fitting, it’s a great choice for both the track and the open road.

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