sparco tow strap wrx

sparco tow strap wrx


The tow strap has traditionally been one of the more important items of gear included in a recovery kit for trucks, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. In recent years, however, new sport utility vehicles, such as the Subaru WRX, have become increasingly popular and so too have the recovery kits that often accompany these vehicles. The Subaru WRX tow strap is a uniquely designed strap made specifically to fit this car and to provide added safety and stability in recovery situations.

This article will explain what the Subaru WRX tow strap is, how it works, why it is important, and how it can benefit the overall performance of the WRX. It will also explain how the tow strap is installed and provide some tips on how to maintain the tow strap after it is installed.

What is the Subaru WRX Tow Strap?

The Subaru WRX tow strap is a special heavy-duty strap designed to fit around the front of the WRX and to offer added stability and traction in case of emergency or off-road situations. The strap is made of a polyester webbing and is adjustable from 60 to 120 inches in circumference, allowing it to be used on almost any WRX variant. The tow strap also features a reinforced steel loop at one end for easy attachment to a tow truck or other pulling vehicle, and a rubber tip at the other end for added safety.

How Does the Tow Strap Work?

When the Subaru WRX tow strap is secured around the front of the vehicle, it helps to provide enhanced stability and traction in slippery or off-road conditions, making it easier and safer to overcome obstacles or remove the WRX from stuck situations. The strap also helps to anchor the vehicle, preventing it from slipping or rolling backwards when the vehicle is being towed.

Why is the Subaru WRX Tow Strap Important?

The tow strap provides a number of significant benefits in a variety of driving and recovery situations. By adding additional stability and traction while the vehicle is being driven on off-road surfaces, the tow strap can help to reduce the risk of sliding or rolling in an accident. In addition, it can help to provide a secure link between the vehicle being towed and the tow vehicle, preventing the vehicle from coming loose and potentially causing further damage or injury.

How Can the Tow Strap Benefit the Subaru WRX?

The tow strap is an important addition for any Subaru WRX owner due to the added stability and security it provides. In addition to enhancing vehicle stability, the tow strap can help increase the overall performance of the WRX when off-roading by improving traction and offering additional protection from getting stuck. Installing the tow strap and ensuring it is properly maintained can also help to extend the life of the vehicle and reduce the total cost of ownership.

How to Install the Tow Strap on the Subaru WRX

Installing the Subaru WRX tow strap is relatively straightforward and does not require any special tools. First, remove the front bumper cover of the vehicle, which can be easily done by removing the fasteners that hold it in place. Then, attach the loop of the strap to the bumper and position the other end of the strap around the front of the vehicle.

Once the strap is in place, secure it using the adjustable buckle and tighten it so that it is tight but not too tight, which could cause damage to the car’s bodywork. Finally, attach the rubber cap to the free end of the strap to provide some additional protection.

Maintaining the Subaru WRX Tow Strap

Once the tow strap is installed, it is important to regularly inspect it to make sure it is in good condition. It is also important to make sure that the strap is not too tight and that the rubber cap is securely fitted to prevent it from coming loose during use. Additionally, the tow strap should be treated with a waterproofing agent to make it more durable and to ensure it does not become damaged due to exposure to the elements.


The Subaru WRX tow strap is an important piece of equipment for any owner of this popular sport utility vehicle. Not only does the tow strap provide added stability and traction in recovery situations, it also increases the overall performance of the WRX and helps to extend the life of the vehicle. Installing and maintaining the tow strap is relatively straightforward and can provide many years of excellent service.

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