sparco red tow strap

sparco red tow strap


If you’re stuck on the side of the road and need help getting your car moving again, a tow strap can be a key to your rescue. The Sparco Red Tow Strap is one of the most reliable, strong and easy-to-use tow straps on the market. Made from a highly durable heavy-duty nylon, the strap is design to stretch to an impressive length of 10 feet, and it can hold up to 10,000 pounds in weight, so you can rest assured that you can rely on it in every situation.

The strap is designed to make rescuing stranded motorists as safe and hassle-free as possible. The reinforced loop design and quick-release buckle are made to make it easy to connect the strap to both vehicles, while the quick-connect safety rings provide added security when connecting the strap to your car or the recovery vehicle. As an added precaution, this strap from Sparco features ight red colour that makes it highly visible when using it on the side of the road.

Using the tow strap is a simple and straightforward process. Attach the looped end to the stranded car, then connect the quick-release buckle to the recovery vehicle. Once the two vehicles are attached, begin to drive the recovery vehicle forward, slowly. The attached strap will help to pull the stranded car forward, making it easy to maneuver into a safe area.

Of course, caution must always be taken when using a tow strap. The towing vehicle should not exceed a speed of 20 mph, as this could cause damage to the vehicle, and the strap itself should never be used to tow or pull the car in the opposite direction of the towing vehicle.

The Sparco Red Tow Strap is an undeniably useful item to have in your vehicle's trunk. It can be the difference between a horrible eakdown and a quick solution, and when used responsibly and according to directions, it will get you out of a jam quickly and safely.


The Sparco Red Tow Strap is an essential item for any car owner, and it can provide the ultimate peace of mind when you’re stuck on the side of the road. Made from highly durable materials and equipped with features such as the quick-release buckle and safety rings, it will help to make the towing process simple and easy. It’s strength and length make it perfect for most towing scenarios, and with proper care and use, you can be sure that you won’t be left stranded again.

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