sparco racing tow strap

sparco racing tow strap


Racing Tow Straps – A Brief History

In racing circles, tow straps are a must have tool. A tow strap is a strong, durable strap with hooks or loops at each end that is used to pull a stalled or disabled race car to safety. The straps are made from a variety of materials and are designed to be stronger and last longer than standard straps and ropes.

Tow straps have been used in racing since the dawn of the automobile racing era. In 1904, during the famous Vanderbilt Cup race in Long Island, NY, a tow strap was used to pull a disabled car from the race track. The first tow straps were not high-tech pieces of equipment; they were simple ropes tied together to form a loop with a hook for each end. The rope had to be strong enough to pull a race car without eaking or fraying, yet flexible enough to be stored easily in a racing vehicle.

Over time, as racing technology improved, so did the tow straps. Tow straps went from ropes to heavy-duty reinforced fiber straps, to parachute straps and eventually to the heavy-duty nylon tow straps used today. The nylon straps are designed to be flexible enough to be stored in a glove box or trunk, yet strong enough to pull a race car. They also have reinforced loops or hooks that latch or clip together in order to ensure a secure connection and optimal pullability.

Modern tow straps are designed to be durable, flexible, and secure. They are equipped with heavy-duty buckles and reinforced internal straps to protect from fraying. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes and can be tailored to custom performance specifications. Tow straps also come with a variety of safety and emergency information, such as how to identify a tow vehicle and emergency contact numbers. They are also designed with reflectors so that night races will be made easier for the rescue team.

Tow straps are a lifesaver. They on multiple occasions have saved lives and allow drivers to be pulled to safety after race incidents. While the tow straps of the past may be outdated and primitive compared to the high-tech straps of today’s racing world, they still serve the same purpose – getting a stranded race car and driver back to the pits.

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