snowmobile bungee tow strap

snowmobile bungee tow strap


Bungee tow straps, often referred to as bumper straps, are incredibly versatile pieces of outdoor recreation equipment. Using strong elastic, these straps are capable of stretching and flexing in various situations, making them ideal for towing other vehicles and equipment safely. This article will discuss what bungee tow straps are, how they work, and the various uses they can have in snowmobiling, as well as how to properly care for the straps.

What are Bungee Tow Straps?

Bungee tow straps, sometimes called bungee cords or bumper straps, are made of high-strength elastic designed to provide secure, yet flexible, towing. Bungee tow straps come in many different sizes depending on the amount of towing strength needed. They can vary in length from two feet to thirty feet or more. The elasticity can also vary, ranging from relatively low-stretch to a high-stretch design. High-stretch designs provide better tension on the strap, resulting in a tighter connection that's less likely to come loose.

How Do Bungee Tow Straps Work?

In order for bungee tow straps to be effective, they must be placed securely on both vehicles. Once the straps are attached, they provide a flexible connection that absorbs both the shock and tension of towing. Pulling and releasing the strap increases tension, making it easier for the vehicle to be towed. The elasticity of the strap also provides a large range of towing capability, as it can stretch up to a certain point, allowing delicate surfaces to still be towed without harm.

Uses of Bungee Tow Straps in Snowmobiling

Bungee tow straps are a must-have accessory for snowmobilers. They are commonly used to tow stranded vehicles, or another snowmobile or sled, and can even be used as a makeshift idging mechanism when needed. Many snowmobilers also use straps to quickly attach sleds and gear to their vehicles when trailering. The straps offer incredible versatility in a range of weather conditions, making them an essential piece of gear.

Caring for Bungee Tow Straps

Bungee tow straps must be cared for properly in order to ensure maximum durability and functionality. Not only should straps be inspected before each use, but they should also be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Make sure that the straps are free from any dirt or deis before you use them. Lastly, keep an eye on the tension of the strap as it can weaken over time.


Bungee tow straps are a must-have item for any snowmobiler. They are incredibly versatile and provide a secure, yet flexible connection for towing. They can be used for towing vehicles, sleds, and gear, among many other applications. However, they must be cared for properly to ensure the straps remain in top condition. Keeping the straps clean, stored in a cool, dry place, and regularly checking the tension are all reliable methods of proper care.

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